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He Doesn’t Want to Be Fed, He Wants to Hunt!


8 Responses to "He Doesn’t Want to Be Fed, He Wants to Hunt!"

  1. Master Of None says:

    but if you did feed him, he may be full, and not break through the fence and eat your ass up.

  2. Master of Nuns says:

    It’s strange how your post makes reference to eating someones ass, when they are clearly men, and if you continue eating your vegetables, someday you too could be a man. This makes you fruitier than Richard Simmons.

  3. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    just try and get that thing fixed without it eating the vet

  4. Philososaurus Rex says:

    it’s strange how the only thing you can think of is fixing the t rex.if i had one i’d have it pumping out enough dino splooge to make a giant cum sculpture of Master of None’s cock. it would have a beautiful cheeto rugburn to mimic the real one perfectly.

  5. causeIcan says:

    all the above…. GAY

  6. anyone says:

    he doesnt want to be fed. he wants to hunt.

  7. O Squiggly Line says:

    I agree. I just get this sense that he would much prefer hunting to being fed.

  8. The T-Rex that isn't in the pic says:

    Yeah, guys, if you have the choice between feeding me and letting me hunt, please let me hunt. I don’t want to be fed. I want to hunt.