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He Nailed It On The First Take

Japanese Heavy Metal Rules – Watch more free videos

American heavy metal bands like Slayer and Metallica and Cannibal Corpse could learn a lesson from their Japanese counterpart. If you go into the studio with your vocal tracks totally perfect (if you hang on til the one minute mark you’ll see why), then you won’t need to spend a lot of time overdubbing and tweaking your songs. It’s simple. Anyone with ears can tell that this Japanese guy is the consummate professional. He had clearly worked very perfecting his songs before he even got into the studio. And clearly his hard work paid off. I mean, this song is clearly in the can and he’s ready to knock out the next one.

via Uniquedaily.com

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6 Responses to "He Nailed It On The First Take"

  1. gstar says:

    so this is what Hideki Matsui does during the offseason.

  2. doughnut says:

    Run this through ProTools and the latest single from Britney Spears will be ready for the masses.

  3. Pratik says:

    So is this that new genre I’ve heard called “cave rock”?

  4. professionalmusiccritic says:

    It might seem like a perfect first take, but you can bet that they assembled it from several takes, which is why the editor worked in those cutaways between (and sometimes during) the verses.

  5. Fresno says:

    His bree bree was on point, but his pig squeals were kind of weak.

  6. Javy says:

    Sound’s like Cookie Monster.