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Heather Mills Won’t Pay an Arm & Her Only Leg

I’m not the kind of guy who makes fun of someone with a physical handicap or severe retardation. I even felt bad about the time when I was waiting tables and asked a quadruple amputee if I could give him a hand with anything, all the while laughing to myself for my wittiness. I really am a good person. I even do stuff like recycle and not laugh at every fat person I see.

However, I think the “you should be ashamed of yourself” rules go out the window if the handicap in question is a roaring bitch. I am speaking, of course, about Heather Mills, the gold digging whore who took $50 million of Paul McCartney’s fortune and in the process made even the biggest c**ts of the world call her a c**t. Peg leg is supposed to stay in London to keep their daughter near McCartney, but she has reportedly bought an apartment in New York (maybe it’s allegedly, but I’m about as much of a reporter as Hulk Hogan is not trying to seduce his daughter). And now Mills is house hunting in Los Angeles.

Via imdb:

A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix that Mills is serious about buying property in L.A.: “She’s with Prudential Realty and is giving them a really hard time, because she will only pay $1 million and refuses to budge.

“They’ve been showing her places for $1.1 million or $1.2 and she’ll get mad, telling them, ‘I said $1 million and not over.’

I’d love to see where she thinks she can buy a nice $1 million home in Los Angeles. After being in L.A. for nine years, the nicest place I could afford was a windowless studio apartment with aqua walls next to a guy who purposefully installed his AC unit in backwards and once told me he wanted “to stab my naughty place.”

But I decided to do some checking myself, because there is no way that Heather Mills would be difficult just to be difficult. I did a search of the L.A.-area homes for under a million bucks and came across a nice community called Meth Meadows. Here is a sampling of the residents:

Always good to find an Ole Miss fan on the West Coast.

7 Responses to "Heather Mills Won’t Pay an Arm & Her Only Leg"

  1. TRO says:

    That’s a photoshop. It was originally a Mississippi State sign.

  2. Dom says:

    I think the phrase c**t should have been used more. I’m not one to use it, more than a couple times a day, but she gives me reason to use it alot.

  3. e46m3 says:

    good god almighty that picture of her scared the shit out of me. it looks like its going to eat my soul. im going to have nightmares for a month now. its sooo angry

  4. Edna says:

    I remember meeting her in a dyke bar in LA a couple a months ago. I fucked her up the ass with a black strap on dildo. She licked it clean afterwords.

  5. xister says:

    I’ve hated this bitch from the moment the divorce proceedings started. How the hell could you take advantage of a guy that had just lost his wife of almost 30 years(!) And then take him on a ride like that (and for almost 50mil.)? You just know that McCartney was really depressed and lonely after Linda died and this cunt took advantage of it. I hope she dies a painful death involving rabid opossums and her vagina.

  6. leng says:

    we are reading a lot of fake news these days. Did you remember the news about Britney’s pregnancy, Lindsay’s joining on the famous rich men seeking affairs site !!!***SugarDaddyconnect . c o m? Is this news true or not? who knows…

  7. Paul says:

    This chick earned her money by putting up with “Sir” Paul’s ego, thunder jowls and catting around on the side. How much could he really have loved Linda when he had a system to cheat on her? Maybe she IS a gold digger but she only got $50 mil out of about $300 mil.