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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Diagram

America’s favorite annoying twat, Heidi Montag, recently underwent another massive plastic surgery upgrade. Say goodbye to the old "New Heidi", and say hello to the jaw-dropping, huge-titted, 90% synthetic, fabulous new Heidi Montag!

17 Responses to "Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Diagram"

  1. Deargod.. says:

    And also, nobody likes the hills anymore .
    GOD .
    lol, my security thingy to post the comment says “Kamikaze butt”
    fail .

  2. Deargod.. says:

    Hedi, wtf? you look like some fail cyberbarbie or something .
    You don’t need a pretty face to have a beautiful heart, Hedi .

  3. uh oh says:

    she was prettier before..someone must really hate themselves to do all this! :( ((

  4. EuroSaver says:

    Massive F cups? Pfft. I’ve seen bigger natural ones at home here…

  5. acid burn says:

    Someone should terminate her….ugh

  6. sobedemon says:


  7. BearJew says:


  8. pratik says:

    But what did Spencer get? Someone sign him up for “smug forehead wrinkles” so he can go around showing off his new plastic girlfriend.

  9. Ann T Christ says:


    what the fuck you on about bitch? you trying to be funny or something?


  10. cowFUCKER says:

    after you do that, i would like you to lick my ass while im sucking a cows penis, then ill shit in a jar and send it to you so you have something to remimber me by. but first i need to take my ten inch dick and fuck this horse in the pussy!

  11. This girl is hot says:

    I don’t care how fake she is, I’ll eat the corn out of her shit! SHE’S HOT!

  12. Phil Jones says:

    I’ll eat the corn out of YOUR shit after you eat it out of her shit after youshit on my chest with that corn shit. Hurry up i’m hungry dickhead! ):/

  13. DonkeyXote says:

    That’s all good fuckwit, but will you shart on my disgusting man-boobs?

  14. Phil Jones says:

    As long as we get to share a cornshit sammich i will! I will rub that corn shit all over my cock so you can suck the bits and pieces off. Savor it on your tougue baby! I wanna’ see droplets of poop al over your lips! MMMM! So hawt!

  15. This girl is yuk! says:

    thats disgusting!Nasty nasty nasty!!!

  16. philosøpher says:

    the cyberdyne eye is always a nice touch