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Help Jim Tews for the Love of God!

Hey everyone, remember Jim Tews?  He used to write for Holy Taco until our secretary took out a restraining order against him and he wasn’t allowed within 1000 yards of the building.  1000?  That’s a lot, Jim!  Your ether-soaked rag will never knock anyone out from that far away?

But enough mirth, we have business to discuss.  Jimmy (I call him Jimmy) is currently embroiled in The 2nd Annual New York Times Comedy Challenge.  It’s where a popular NY paper makes comedians fight to the death or something, and since Jimmy still owes me $20 and a sandwich, I want him to win.  You should too, because he is funny.  Fun!

Go here and vote Jim Tews.  He’d vote for you.  I would too.  We’d double up on you.  You like how that sounds?  Yeah ya do.

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