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Her Shoe Looks A Little Too Big


44 Responses to "Her Shoe Looks A Little Too Big"

  1. Don't taze me bro... says:

    I love this pics when it’s totally obvious they pose in some gaudy hotel. WhoreTels ROCK

  2. MrKillson says:

    Hot damn I love goin to chilis

  3. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Absolutely !!!

  4. Huh says:

    Man look at that carpet… where can I get a rug like that?

  5. sexy says:

    are you future teller cause i see u in mine

  6. nemesis says:

    she definitely works out

  7. A More Realistic Johnnny Mastodon says:

    C A N ‘ T H A V E !!!

  8. Jeffrey says:

    she and i want to practice making baby.

  9. taintnothinbutabrowneye says:

    she needs a pearl pussy adornment.

  10. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    W A N T !!!

  11. mr z says:

    fucking hot

  12. Señor Reacharound says:

    it’s just bad lighting.

    like Jerry’s girlfriend . . . that only looked good in that one booth at the coffee shop.

  13. Polliwog says:

    I wish I was under her with my dick up her ass grabbing hold of those tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. browsingby says:

    Gentlemen, I don’t believe the question is if she is hot or not, or whether you find her attractive. The real question is, “would you tap that?”

  15. Hungry says:

    and risk the chance of her asking ” is it in yet?”
    stick to masturbation my friend

  16. Vannerz says:

    Thats no Grimmace……Thats a Come Fuck me Pout!!!!

  17. meattface says:

    She goes by the name “pure dee”

  18. Bob Fairlane says:

    What is “butterface”? Her ass is tight!

  19. Bob Fairlane says:

    That pose means “Take me to Chilis!”

  20. lilmissamber says:

    everything looks good but her face… but her face = butter face

  21. pratik says:

    That shade of green is my new favorite color.

  22. TrillVille says:


  23. TrillVille says:

    Old picture is old

  24. senator tenting says:

    homosexual trillville is homosexual.

  25. Dspayre says:

    Its a look of terror as I unzip my pants.

  26. Tater says:

    What’s wrong with her face exactly????

    100% Hot.

  27. obama asks moms to return to school says:

    you faggots all fucking FAIL, go tongue each other’s balls

  28. feistyhannah says:

    i don’t know, i saw easter island head status on this one.
    maybe i’m just picky.

  29. feistyhannah says:

    honestly, kind of butterface status :(
    disappointment haunts holytaco.

  30. boop de doop says:

    You’re crazy.

  31. Camel Tao says:

    That’s not butterface – she’s grimacing under the strain of holding up those tits.

  32. 50 cent says:

    maybe you wish I was, so someone would finally have sex with your sorry ass.

  33. 50 cent says:

    maybe your just gay..?

  34. feistyhannah says:

    yeah, cause gay people have higher standards.
    maybe you’re a cum belching road whore.

  35. Tar says:

    She calls herself Pure Dee, she is an internet nude model.

  36. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Right now, that site is getting pounded (with sticky clicks).

  37. Naethyn says:

    Does anyone know this girl’s name? I know she has her own site.

  38. Ally says:

    that made me chuckle

  39. God Killer says:

    No way thats butterface, maybe I cant believe its not butterface

  40. Jeff says:

    I like.

  41. newtou says:

    I miss my youwt

  42. why? says:

    makes my dick HARD

  43. vulva rattler says:

    Edie Falco circa 1988.

  44. hanke double says:

    find a pic off myspace, write “this [background item] is [adjective]” = you have your own website.