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“Hey Colleen…You’ve Got A Great Ass.”

As you probably already know, this is a perfect ass. But that doesn’t mean Colleen shouldn’t be complemented on her great ass by a mysterious Frisbee fanatic.
As a side note, if I ever won the lottery, I would start a TV station the played this movie on a 24-hour loop.

15 Responses to "“Hey Colleen…You’ve Got A Great Ass.”"

  1. Anonymous says:

    that video destroyed me

  2. Anonymous says:

    m0keone choke0ne

  3. cory says:
    Apparently it’s from a movie called "Hard Ticket To Hawaii." It’s amazing.
  4. Anonymous says:

    awesome clip …
    where’s that from?

  5. RoboPanda says:

    Didn’t you hear Colleen? She said that guy’s a thrower. Obviously, when you’re a professional thrower, you have to carry around 3 frisbees in a manpurse, and also a gun you opt not to use when a razorfrisbee will do the job.

    By the way, you’ve got a great ass, Anonymous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    who the hell carries 3 frisbees around

  7. Pratik says:

    Death by frisbee… I’d like the forensics team figure that one out.

    By the way, the Chargers lost to the Steelers earlier today. Where’s the traditional “I hate being a Chargers fan” post by Cory or Justin?

  8. justin says:
    I’m too fucking upset to post about it.  I may write something about it tomorrow, but the wound is still fresh.  Now I’m off to sit on my nutsack over and over until I forget about the city of pittsburgh.
  9. JackieChan says:

    Where can I watch the full movie. I have to know why that awesome blond guy was killed!

  10. Anonymous says:

    It was for the Molokai cops, of course!
    Open up your ears, you great big half-wit!

  11. K.E.G. says:

    Hard Ticket to Hawaii was nominated for two oscars.
    One for best death by frisbee scene
    and one for frivilous Great ass comments. It’s one of the sweetes fuckin movies ever made.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That video just blew my fucking mind.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Don’t ask me how I know this, but the one who says “you’ve got a great ass” is Ridge Forester from The Bold and the Beautiful.

    Can we get some Jenna Lee (Fox Business Network) videos on here please? She has a hard time reading but WOW is she fun to look at.

  14. Library says:

    Oh my. Thank you for posting this. I love that he’s referred to as a “Thrower”. WTF? I also like that the blond beach guard (probably not a lifeguard) does the same sweet move twice. One trick pony much? I guess in his defense there’s only so many frisbee tricks you can do while holding a silenced Uzi.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The post-death fist pump is essential. That is similar to what I do to celebrate a victim.