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“Hey, Let’s Take Our F*ck Dolls Out In Public!” “Great Idea!”


14 Responses to "“Hey, Let’s Take Our F*ck Dolls Out In Public!” “Great Idea!”"

  1. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    The orgy is going to be spectacular.

  2. ChopsBuster says:

    the guy on the right is like “im not going to hurt you, im not going to hurt you.”
    this is so sad…..

  3. Mulhollan says:

    I bet hookers are cheaper.

  4. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Yea, but they got this odd habit of trying to bite yer tongue off. Just ask Vince.

  5. Awsome! says:

    I love how one guy decided to make his doll a paraplegic (note the wheelchair). Guess those other dolls just kept running away. Ha! He’s too smart for that though.

  6. not Anonymous says:

    clearly you’ve never tried to carry one of those bastards around. they are heavy. uuuh

  7. MrKillson says:

    Goddamn Japanese.

  8. ha says:

    looks like the only thing your missing is a actual woman, to bad you can’t buy one of those for yourself. Why don’t you get a life and quit banging you fake woman that will never love you like you love her.

  9. Stuart Hannig says:

    stop being so judgey. I have a fuck doll I use and have 2 fleshlights… prudes.

  10. B says:

    lol sup tai

  11. Scary Movie 5 says:

    blind dates are getting way too weird

  12. ergots snaffled says:

    comments are getting way too stupid.

  13. roman says:

    where is the fap fap fap tag?

  14. Anonymousy says:

    im doing it now