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“Hey Lucy” Is Your New Favorite Song

Hey Lucy – Watch more Funny Videos
When trying to woo a girl, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. They are as follows:
1.) Don’t rape.
2.) Complement her clothes/appearance.
3.) Try to be funny.
4.) Don’t joke about having/giving AIDS.
5.) Don’t sing to her if you can’t sing.
6.) Don’t shit/wipe in front of her.
7.) Ask her questions about things she likes.
8.) Put on some decent clothes.
9.) Stop being fat.
10.) If she’s fat, then disregard rule #9.
I’m not sure about all the other rules, but this guy totally destroys #5. According to the singer:
I made this song for the girl I am in love with, who is Lucy. I made this song right before the last day of the School Year 2007-2008 so that I can show her how much I love her and going to miss her. My situation with her is different now. This demo only contains the first section of the song and I feel that I did not sing it in tune. Since my situation is different with her now and my singing is out of key, I am planning to redo this song, but for the demo, this song is good enough.
Ohhhhh, this is just a demo. My bad, dude. I didn’t realize. Just put a little production work into it and this will be an awesome song. Invite me to the wedding!

34 Responses to "“Hey Lucy” Is Your New Favorite Song"

  1. lucyiannamorelli says:

    Hello, I am the Lucy in the video (immaturelly greeting) and I would like to explain this.

    This person isn’t obsessed with me. I do like this boy (nihal) a little for making songs and sh’t, but I prefer not to date older boys. He does love me for what I am and I can understand why ‘anyone’ would like my name, the way my last name is long in a cryptographical way. People (even some of my friends) can’t even SPELL my name, enough that the spelling teacher has to put it on the spelling test in my sisters class when she was in elementary school (this was a while back when she was in 4th grade, shes graduated) and I am shocked with how fast Nihal learn’t to spell my name. I’m impressed for the most part.

    However, its not nice for you people to be ridiculing his person and making out ‘he is obsessed’ with me. I think personally that he is going to far, but in a way, it makes sense. I’m in the same exact situation and I’m not going to tell you who since It would make me sound like a fool.

  2. lucyiannamorelli says:

    This isn’t exactly true. We are taking chances before he does anything serious. From what he is, he is not a sexual raper and/or a drug addict. He’s just a nice person and it seems like theres nothing to worry about.

  3. lucyiannamorelli says:

    UPDATE: The boy isn’t Nihal either, its someone else.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i am guessing almost immediately after this song was released the restraining took effect

  5. jgarver says:


  6. jgarver says:

    lucy’s word is correct and she is making the right approach. this boy loves her and you guys are fuckers who have a wrong way of thinking to make the artist look bad because you guys are FUCKING IDIOTS!

  7. Make Money Online Free says:

    Very Nice…

  8. nihal says:

    lucy, don’t worry about what people say on here, i was foolish to make a song which made both of us look like fools among all these people. i know you didn’t want me to make songs about you, but i was only trying to make you feel special and based on what you said here, you do sound like you understand, so i am happy that you do.

  9. nihal says:

    I am the person who made this song. This page is a Billboard of a ‘Destruction of Reputation’ in Cyberspace. Here is what I have to say. I only tried to make a love song because of my talent and love, but unfortuately I discovered that people hate the song becuase I am not famous enough to make music because of all these bunch of idiots who are confederate and lock themselves to listening to only music created by famous people. Well guess what, lets talk about Hey There Delilah. Sure he’s a famous guy who made a song with only one instrument, the guitar. His tune is very basic and boring. The tune in my song is superb and interesting. True my voice and singing sucked, but that doesn’t mean the song sucked, at least theres TUNE!

  10. Randall says:

    Um, unless Lucy picked the wrong color weave, I believe that’s a vail on her head. I bet Mr. Lucy could actually hit an F sharp.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i meant ‘restraining order’. not as funny any more..

    “Lucy..i am now required to not come any closer to you than 100 feet…Lucy..

  12. youdontknowwhoiam says:

    Lil Wayne would NEVER make this song better. This songs is really Atomic Kitten – Be With You (backwards). The guy is talented enough to actually reproduces what he hears. Lil Wayne would probably spoil the style with his dumb rapping and synth voice, much more than this guy has already done.

    This guy needs to put a little more production into this, cuz right now, this is shit. Changing the instruments, singing and altering the lyrics would definitely make this a hit love song.

  13. natashahamilton2010 says:

    Actually hhhhhh, Lil Wayne is a Piece of Shit Rapper.

  14. lucyiannamorelli says:

    Yeah he sucks, he will definitely destroy the uniqueness of this song.

  15. Dudu says:

    Lil’ Wayne would MURDER this track.

  16. jgarver says:

    Dudu: I don’t know if lucyiannamorelli mistook what you said, but if you are trying to say that Lil Wayne would make this song better, you would be a complete idiot to say that he would. This song isn’t very good, but wayyyy better than Lil Wayne’s crap.

  17. hhhhhh says:

    wow you fucktard lil wayne is it one of the best rappers out right now, so you can shut the fuck up and suck ur moms cock faggot…

  18. breakdancer101 says:

    Lil Wayne sucks in music, he may be good at rap, but his music sucks. This song is a lot better.

  19. lucyiannamorelli says:


    Just because this loverboy of mine uses a Password with my name does NOT incicate that he is obsessed, especially with my support.

  20. lucyiannamorelli says:

    he’s probably not using the password since he told everyone.

  21. jgarver says:

    Endswell: FUCK YOU FOR SAYING THAT! I’ve seen girls who write Nick Jonas and Brad Pitt all over their stuff and ypu call this ‘obsessive’. Motherfucker. In fact the name lucyiannamorelli sounds pretty catchy to use after all!

  22. nihal says:

    Endswell, I am the dude and I am not obsessed. Reading all these posts on the site, I would like to thank all the people before this comment for defending me. I would also like to thank Lucy for sticking up for me becuase her attitude does sound like her feelings are mutual towards me. Despite on how much I like her and her name, she does like it which is why I am not obsessed with her.

    I would really like to know where you got this post from because I really don’t feel comfortable with people looking up peoples names, including my name to make immature comments like this.

  23. breakdancer101 says:

    You should be sued thousands of dollars for saying that the guy is obseseed.

  24. lucyiannamorelli says:

    Yes, thank you very much. I adore the atomic kitten remix because of the tune and the beat.

  25. www.goldenarchcasino.org says:

    Great, I love the remix

  26. Richard Tucker says:

    “My situation is different with her now.”

    I’m guessing that means Lucy hasn’t stopped sucking his dick since he sent her this video.

  27. jgarver says:

    hey dickhead, maybe he went through the 3 months of summer, went back to school and stopped missing her? like its been more than 3 months since the song got released on youtube?

    jesus christ all of you people are fucking assholes to laugh at a love song. the way you guys think are wrong and have no intention to even contact the artist before judging weather its a true love song or a comedy funny song. you guys are nothing but fucking idiots.

  28. www.goldennuggethotelandcasino.net says:

    Awesome, like it.

  29. Buddy Ice says:

    The first rule reminds me of when I went to a strip bar in Japan. Most of these places don’t like foreigners so they were a little hesitant about letting me in, but when they finally gave in they made sure I understood the only 2 rules first.
    They rules were 1. Don’t take out my dick, and 2. Don’t rape.

    Take into mind that they said nothing to my two Asian friends; one who was Japanese and looks like a wanna be gangster and the other who is Korean, and wears jean shorts and a backwards Mets hat.

    Lesson to be learned by all of this? Nothing. Do what ever you can to get into a Japanese strip bar, it’s fucking awesome.

  30. jkc says:

    when i hear this song, i’m somehow reminded of Kip…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mudkips? I herd you liek them

  32. Gersch says:

    Damn internet’s broke my judgement. I want to call fake, but i just don’t know anymore.

    “…control how you feel.”