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Hey, Me Too! Let’s Go Get One Right Now!


21 Responses to "Hey, Me Too! Let’s Go Get One Right Now!"

  1. caf feind cat says:

    Americas favorite past time.
    7th ining Stretch
    Stretch me all out please

  2. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Kill yourself. Seriously. KILL YOURSELF.

  3. office jerk says:

    We do… we do indeed.

  4. Beau Beau says:

    ’nuff said.

  5. clockwork says:

    she’ll make some fat sports fan with a painted face very happy

  6. too much free time says:

    that could mean Blue Jays, or blowjobs

  7. Blargh says:

    Ahhhhh thats why it is funny… didn’t get that at first, thanks for clearing that up, was googling it for hours…

    Retard !

  8. too much free time says:

    that wasn’t me. some prick with nothing better to do, keeps on pretending to be me

  9. too much free time says:

    mellow out and stop trying to make me sound like philosopher, i’m not him.

  10. too much free time says:

    can you fucktards stop it already,i mean come the fuck on you douchetards,damn

  11. fourteenlines says:

    You have too much free time.

  12. too much free time says:

    I eat toothpaste.

  13. too much free time says:

    i am sorry for the previouse conversation with myself, as you can tell, i like to 3 way with my parenys while self-conversating online.

  14. noahaction says:

    not sure if i’d want one with that snaggletooth

  15. bumjobby says:

    they say that the snaggletooth offers extra stimulation

  16. fuck canada says:

    not to mention they might be canadian…

  17. kid canada says:

    go fuck yourself asshole

  18. assburgers disease says:

    Only canada loves blowjobs?

  19. cheekymonkey says:

    BJs suck, blue jays that is

  20. hankthetank says:

    is she a he?????

  21. bubble gut says:

    shes thinking about one right now