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Hey, Move That F’in Thing – A Gallery

Sometimes the only thing that separates you and some big ‘ol boobies is a strategically placed item in the way. So, here’s a gallery celebrating that. Enjoy!


54 Responses to "Hey, Move That F’in Thing – A Gallery"

  1. pratik says:

    You should love something that ACTUALLY exists.

  2. philosopussy says:

    stop making fun of me!!

    -the original philosopussy that beat off to that last picture

  3. philosopher says:

    i’m a whiny ass bitch-stick and i still shit my shitty fuckin pants plus my balls haven’t dropped….goddam shit i hate the shit out of my shitty shitheaded self i used to feel cool online!! FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK I’m gonna be a shitty fuckin virgin shit forever.!!

    -the original philosopher that aint shit never been shit and aint ever gonna be shit….


  4. Fail says:

    Look up on Francie Dee, Asian with huge tits

  5. Jack says:

    This is why I hate call of duty D:

  6. Your Mom says:

    What is the deal with all the video game cover ups? If you are into that you are a tool bag. Whats giving you the hard on, the girl or the site of an NES?

  7. asdfasdf says:


  8. dfsddfsdf says:

    you sound as if you had mental issues, lmao :)

  9. Anonymoose says:

    the game system, duh, why would you even ask that? Nothing gets me hotter than a borderline attractive girl touching the innate beauty that is the video game.

  10. Philosopher says:

    You left out work dumbass. I hope you eat 40 bad eggs and shit your circulatory system.

    -the original philospher

  11. Philosopher says:

    Holy Taco, you really need to stop doing the galleries of girls thing. It’s really obnoxious and I have a strong appreciation of the male figure (i.e. the shape of dongs. Hard dongs. In my mouth). But good on the last photo. That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  12. philosodick says:

    all the “last pictures” are various members of philosopher”s family. for instance this last picture is his cousin. the last picture in the car wash gallery is his mom/mistress.

  13. NassT says:

    If I were Holy Taco, I would make a gallery that the title was something like “insanely hot chicks licking wipcream off xboxes- a gallery” or something else too good to be true. Put the first pic as the title explains then when they click on it its full of “last pictures” except for the actual last picture.

  14. Charlie Mac says:

    Why would that guy let all his Jordan’s get so dirty? Also lot of gaming sluts.

  15. Grandma says:

    Whats’ the deal with all these video game components boys? Is it like ‘should I fuck or should I play PS’? Can’t you figure out which joystick to use?

    You know, you’re only young once, and like I always keep telling you.

    “You’re not looking at the Mantelpiece while you’re stoking the Fire”

  16. LBC says:

    The last picture confused my dick.

  17. Beldar says:

    Last pic gag is now predictable and lame. Always a fat person.
    Dont let this site get played out with the same old stuff.

  18. Marty McFly says:

    Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?

  19. philosopher's mom says:

    Worst. Gallery. Ever.

  20. worst says:

    That was the wrost philosopher pose ever. Bring some originality, like “lick a cow’s pussy.” Anyone can type cuss words over and over dumbass.

  21. Claynoidial says:

    First “IT” with whipping cream is fucking ugly.
    Fuck you you fuckin fuck

  22. Beldar says:

    P.S. I eat boners

  23. jelly roll says:

    i love asian chicks with huge tits!

  24. ChesterX says:

    Call of doodie LOL

    fuck that game.

  25. thatAnonymousguy says:

    call of fruity

  26. BigBen says:

    i would fuck everyperson in this gallery except the chick covering her stuff with sand, i draw the line at sandy vagainia’s

  27. FTM says:

    It would be sexier if they were actually PLAYING the games. If they were actually INTO the games. If they were actually girl GAMERS.
    But they’re just being whores.
    So nvm.

  28. CarneyUGVC says:

    The SNES girl is the best.

  29. Philosophalus says:

    Dude, you are a fag. That shit is funny.
    Too bad not everything is done your way. Go suck a dick…

  30. Anonymous says:

    You really need to stop with the whole “posting” thing. It was never funny. But good work on — well, uh … failing, that’s about it.

  31. dfsddfsdf says:

    philosopher,you’re a douche for writing that. nobody asked for your opinoin!

  32. philosopher says:

    Holy Taco, you really need to stop with the whole “last picture” thing. It was funny for the first few times, now its just really obnoxious. But good work on the other ones.

  33. theMinor says:

    Gaywad… You comment every freaking HolyTaco article pretty much complaining like a 45 year old going through menopause who’s husband wants nothing to do with sexually yet she tries so hard but at the end of it all she is not as attractive as she was 20 years ago so chances of her getting laid are zippo. Pretty much you suck.



    we didn’t start the flame war! peeps were hatin on it before i left my comment!

  35. jewstock says:


  36. FLAME WAR says:

    Oh snap, epic pwnage!

  37. philistine says:

    Shame, you’re the first person to ever to lose against NPD boy.

  38. Anonymous says:

    ehh heh heh … heh … heh

  39. your mom says:


  40. Ed says:

    on dial-up

  41. arno nymus says:

    Holy Taco, you almost got me! Usually you save the worst picture for last, but this time you also made the fifth picture bad. Or was that for the few girls who visit HT? Why else would you have a bunch of guys holding soccer balls?

  42. I f$$$ed a dead squirrel says:

    All those girls can play with my joystick.

  43. Pierrre says:

    the “nerd girls with game consoles” were just ugly

  44. Dude says:

    Is because you love the dick….i mean when a guy is in the closet always finds defects and ugliness in a perfect shaved nice soft woman body. Masturbating to gay porn i still gay. Go and suck a cock.

  45. mezzanine says:

    If I cover my nipples and vagina with things related to video games, I’ll get so much attention from gaming blogs I get wet just thinking about it.

  46. Mudbutt says:

    ^^ guy in the last pic

  47. mezzanine says:

    I’m actually the leprechaun in the fifth pic.

  48. Corrector says:

    The term sorority is obsolete. We now call it pussyrority.

  49. g-man says:

    Hey, isn’t the fifth picture from the new Leprechaun movie, Leprechaun: Sorority Party

  50. Seanchez says:

    Often when a beer tastes unusually good – either a new brew, or maybe a day or so since my last one I say “The only way this could be better is if it came out of a nipple”… and there, right about that last picture of a shaved head Rosie O’Donnell, I have my unicorn.

  51. philosopher. says:

    I LOOOVE the last picture thing.
    Please keep doing it.

    PS I suck dicks.

  52. critter says:

    how is it that so many of these gals are covered with gaming doodads? i thought that gamers didn’t actually have girlfriends?

  53. George T says:

    They don’t. It’s just to be extra cruel to Cheeto-covered 400-lb virgin gamers, and guys who use words like “doodads.”