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Hi Boobs.


23 Responses to "Hi Boobs."

  1. Luke says:

    I would like to put my cock in between
    those hoohoos and tittye fuck them.

    She can swallow after.
    I ain’t wasting shit.

  2. This girl is hot! says:

    That’s one of my girlfriends, seriously! Also she is very hot in the sack!

  3. tlester4130 says:

    how is it possible to miss the very first post?

  4. Wow says:


  5. FAPFAPFAP says:

    This month is going on well… haha buttchart represented thats classy!

  6. BlackZepellin says:

    Kelly fuckign Brook, ridiculously fine

  7. Anonymousy says:

    u sure? she looks classy not trampy.

  8. DonkeyXote says:

    You were actually better off pointing out the typo on “Octaves” rather than coming up with unwitty characters for a dysfunctional family.

    And to think that you actually waited out two whole hours before posting each new comment just so you can bring a ray of hope into your pathetic life.

  9. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    How dare you speak to your mother that way, and after I gave you that Mexican Bible Study last night!

  10. Donkey Slayer says:

    NO IT IS YOU WHO ARE THE BALL-LICKER! Was your name Philosopher before? What kind of internet troll takes a sufficent textual beating like you and comes back with “you should’ve corrected my spelling” NO HOW IS THAT FUNNY OR A TAKE. INSTEAD WE ALL APPRECITATE YOUR FAMILY MOLESTING YOU OVER AND OVER. SO WE CAN SEE YOU CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH WHILE YOUR SISTER FISTS YOUR ANUS AND YOUR FATHER DRINKS THE BLOOD OF HER FIRST MENSTRATION!!! Go eat a bag of dicks

  11. DonkeyXote's Sister says:

    He’ll have to suck it out of my underage ass first!

  12. DonkeyXote's DAD says:

    Spit on me next plz plz plz!!!1!one

  13. DonkeyXote says:

    Holy manoli!

    I’d like to hear her scream 3 octvaves higher than usual, if you know what I mean.

  14. DonkeyXote's Mom says:

    You mean like you and your dad made me do last night?

  15. DonkeyXote says:

    Shut the fuck up you gimpy little bitch, and reply back when you’ve developed some actual witty humour.

    Puuuuuuaaaaaaaaghhh phtftf! (There’s a gob of spit there for ya to wipe off your face).

  16. Shane says:

    Tits so nice, they posted them twice!

  17. UN- nonymous says:

    Definitely a re-post…….I’d still re-post my cock in her ass!!!

  18. Anonymouss says:


  19. pratik says:

    Those jugs need some hugs. Seriously.

  20. pale white guy says:

    those jugs need to give me a hug

  21. Lgbizkit says:

    Motor Boat!!

  22. Lgbizkit says:

    Love those LIPS….

  23. peter_north says:

    *takes a very deep breath*…