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Hilarious, Classic Cartoon Violence!

Hey, who said old cartoons were boring? You want excitement, danger and action? Then you should probably avoid anything on the Disney channel and turn your eyes to the classics. In the early days of film animation, studios weren’t afraid to put their character’s necks on the chopping block for entertainment value. Kids didn’t watch wimpy crap like Dora the Explorer. They didn’t waste time watching cartoons so they could unknowingly absorb useful knowledge. They watched cartoons so they could laugh at the pain of an innocent cartoon rat getting beaten to death.

It was the depression, people were hard-asses. People ate bread, and made soup out of old socks. They smoked bird feathers and licked charcoal dust off the floor to get high. I probably made some of that stuff up, but maybe I didn’t. Just watch this hilariously disturbing Van Beuren cartoon from 1933.

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