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Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Remember This Guy

Politicians never remember taking pictures with people who turn out to be criminals. In fact, nobody in Washington ever remembers anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw one of them pull down their pants in the middle of a debate and take a shit, and then the moderator say “Excuse me! What are you doing?” and the politician says “Oh. God. I’m so sorry. I forgot that I was supposed to go to the bathroom and do this.”

Anyway, maybe she doesn’t remember taking that picture, but she sure as hell better remember this one:

I mean seriously, who forgets taking a picture with Sarah Jessica Parker. Also, I can understand why Saddam would be upset, I’ve been to these junkets. They just grab you and toss you in a picture. Very intrusive.

4 Responses to "Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Remember This Guy"

  1. Whoremonger says:

    Thats the bandwagon that had the economy with a surplus right?

    Or wait wait, you must be a Repugnicon who obviously can’t read. Because, if you could:

    a) You’d know about rhetoric and how to filter it out.
    b) You wouldn’t be susceptible to sound bites.
    c) You’d have already read the record of what Bill and Hillary have done for the country(not whats in the newspapers)
    d) You’d know how to spell your own name, which incidentally I have spelled out right here for you:


    Stop letting Rush Limburger do your thinking for you…or worse yet, Michael(Uncle Tom) Steele. Look at the fucking RECORD of the former President and Senator. No…wait. Get a dictionary first, then get a reading tutor, THEN get their individual records.


  2. Edger says:

    Thats right change the subject and it will all go away! WTF Matt Laurer putting Hillary on the spot like that ? Hell he is usually the first one on the Clinton bandwagon!

  3. Cosmin says:

    Oh God. Please. The last thing this screwed up country needs is a woman president.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s why the country IS screwed up moron. Only way to get out of this mess is to let the women take over. Men continue to think with the wrong head. Boot them all!