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Hitler Has Birthday. Indiana Politician Celebrates It.

Birthdays are special days. But if you’re an Indiana politician, you might not want to go to every birthday party you’re invited to. According to nwitimes.com:

A congressional candidate is defending his speech to a group celebrating the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth, saying he appeared simply because he was asked.

Tony Zirkle, who is seeking the Republican nomination in Indiana’s 2nd District, stood in front of a painting of Hitler, next to people wearing swastika armbands and with a swastika flag in the background for the speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago.

“I’ll speak before any group that invites me,” Zirkle said Monday. “I’ve spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta.”

That last excuse sounds a lot like, “I totally have black friends!”

But I don’t even want to bother getting into the political, personal or social ramifications of speaking at Hitler’s birthday. I’m more interested in how those wacky Nazis go about celebrating it. Do they get cake? Do they karaoke “Deutschland Uber Alles”? Do a bunch of Nazi pals sit in a circle and read aloud from Mein Kampf? If so, I hope they read a few chapters from this 1943 German bestseller.

mein kampfy chair hitler

7 Responses to "Hitler Has Birthday. Indiana Politician Celebrates It."

  1. jacob says:

    haha it says happy birthday in sparkly letters haha what is hitler like 7?

  2. Pappy says:

    This guy has about as much sense as Obama hanging with his bro Reverend Wright.
    I am sure all the libs will try to argue different. Obama and this Indiana politician are both out of line.

  3. mark says:

    lol of course there isn’t much of a difference between hitler and a republican.

  4. Bundy says:

    The Germans have some sick porno.

  5. Sean says:

    I couldn’t help but notice the comment comparing this story to Senator Obama and comments made by Rev. Wright. The Nazi’s killed millions of people just because they were Jewish; Rev. Wright made stupid comments. Rev. Wright is kinda like that crazy uncle we all have in our family; every once and a while when you give him the opportunity you just know he’s gonna make some insane and innappropriate comments. Even though he has been Obama’s mentor, Rev. Wright was not speaking for Obama and it’s not as if he was invited on stage during that sermon. Nevertheless, Obama gave a speech that explained his stance on the issue and most people felt that he made some valid points.

    On the other hand, the only good reason Tony Zirkle is giving for attending this event is because he was invited. Is that to say that every good politician should accept any invitation given to them?? Unless he was living under a rock, Zirkle knew about the Nazi’s and their history. Either way, I just can’t see how anyone in their right mind could say that being associated w/ a racist reverend is as bad as speaking at Nazi event celebrating the birthday of Adolf Hitler, just because you were invited.

  6. Pappy says:

    I see your point Sean and I agree with it. I was making more of a point regarding the poor choices these politicians make, as stated, “Obama and this Indiana politician are both out of line.”
    From what I can see, Libs and Cons are out of touch and full of sh*t.

  7. Anti-Sean says:

    Sean is an idiot.