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Hockey Players In Commercials Vs. Football Players In Commercials

This is what a hockey player looks like when he’s trying to actually sing a commercial jingle for a local D.C. car dealership. Now let’s look at how some football players compare when they just lip-synch:
I’m not sure if one is necessarily "better," since these are both two different, but equal, kinds of awesome.

5 Responses to "Hockey Players In Commercials Vs. Football Players In Commercials"

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is why they are athletes and not actors/singers

  2. uglysexy says:

    oh dang…like they’re not part of the credit collapse
    see now this is why we have a screen actors guild
    this is worse than bad boys bail bonds ;p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hah! Wrong “two”. I don’t know whats worse. The fact that I noticed that or the fact that anyone in those commercials deserve to live!

  4. Max2 says:

    Easterns Motors is a DC landmark. You are NOT a successful athlete in DC until you have a spot in an Easterns commercial sitting in a BMW. “Yo job’s yo credit” is easily the most recognized tagline in town.

  5. Swayze says:

    So no one’s gonna mention the fact that Ovechkin is Russian? I doubt he freestyles in his free time, let alone in english.