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Holy Taco and Split Reason Want to Give You $25

Hey kids, do you like the t-shirts?  Sure you do, otherwise you’d be weird and naked.  In the interests of preventing that, Holy Taco has teamed up with Splitreason, maker of fine t-shirts, to offer you a chance at some $25 gift certificates to Splitreason.com where you can clothe your hide against the elements once and for all.  Want to know how to win?  Sure you do, keep reading.

All you have to do to win is to hop on the Twitter and say “I want Holy Taco to give me a $25 gift certificate for Splitreason @holytaco @splitreason_com.”  In one week we’ll randomly select a couple of winners with the assistance of an impartial and totally blind janitor who will just point at the screen.  You can do it!  Be a winner!

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