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Holy Taco Goes To The Bahamas

We sent Michael Capes to the Bahamas on the Bud Light Party cruise, and well, he just ended up pissing a whole bunch of people off.  Enjoy.

12 Responses to "Holy Taco Goes To The Bahamas"

  1. Corpsman says:

    Hahaha. Great costume idea for 09. Picture it, all these ladies are like “oh way to dress up for the costume party asshole” and you’re all *Click* “Jack be limbo, Jack be quick, Jack go unda limbo stick” and party ensues.

  2. MyFightWiffaCheeto says:

    That is Rachelle Leah.

    She used to be a UFC octagon girl.

  3. Melody says:

    That was funny. What’s the name of that Playboy chick. She’s hot.

  4. General Chicken says:

    Awesome Job!

    Damn, I gotta Limbo now.

    Wheres my Bud Light?…oh well, Meister Brau is gonna have to do.

  5. Baked Potato says:

    I bet Bill from Accounting is sad every time he watches this video.

  6. hooligan says:

    Damn, Michael gets all the sweet assignments. First the porn chick and now the Bahamas? Whose dick is he sucking?!?!?

    I apologize for that, I’m just very jealous…

  7. hooligan says:

    not aabout the dick sucking but the assignments…just clarifying

  8. Anonymous says:

    I so need to be on that cruise….looked awesome…bud light should sponsor the limbo stick next time….

  9. PlatterCrotch says:

    Highlights? The way too spot-on Labyrinth costume and the carrying around of a boom box and limbo stick. I mean, do they even make boom boxes anymore? AWESOME! Send that joker more ridiculous places so we can get some more laughs!

    Great video!

  10. Anonymous says:


    how come that doesn’t happen on my cruise or trip…

  11. Baked Potato says:

    Wait, is that THE Michael Capes? Of Bachelor Party Massacre fame (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0490799/)? Holy crap! I’m not sure if it’s more embarrassing to be here and go, “Hey that’s the dude from Bachelor Party Massacre” or to be watching “Bachelor Party Massacre” and go “Hey, that’s the dude from Holy Taco!”. I’m pretty sure it’s a wash.