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Holy Taco Has a Poker Tournament: Part 1

The folks over at G4 asked us to make a video promoting their new series 2 Months, 2 Million.  Their show is about a gambling tournament, so we decided to see what would happen if the Holy Taco staff had a poker tournament of our own.  Unfortunately, we can’t call the our videos "Inside the Taco" anymore, because that’s a blatantly sexual euphemism, so we decided to title the series "Beans & Rice", because…y’know….it goes good with Tacos.  Check out Part 1 of our tournament here, and be sure to tune in tomorrow afternoon for the exciting conclusion!

2 Responses to "Holy Taco Has a Poker Tournament: Part 1"

  1. justin says:
    Three different people replied saying that they’re bonzoello, so we decided not to send prizes to any of them.  It seems that 66% of the Bonzoellos that visit this site are liars.  Try sending us your address at feedback again, but if we get more than one reply from bonzoello, we’re still not sending anything because that would be rewarding liars for their lying ways.  Also, register with the site if you haven’t done so yet, so that nobody can else use your username.
  2. bonzoello says:

    Alright. Seriously, I participated in a Give-A-Wednesday caption naming to-do a couple of weeks ago and one of the captions that was chosen was mine. It was about an angry robot costume. I typed the words “Droid Rage” and the people at Holy Taco seemed to enjoy my insight. Enough so to name my caption as 1 of 4 winners. I was not particularly over excited about the bounty to be collected from being 1 of 4 winners of said competition. I would have done with a Holy Taco shirt. What really irks me is my repeated attempts to email the feedback@holytaco.com address only to receive zero reply. All I’m askin for is credit where credit is due.

    Yours truly,