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Holy Taco Interviews Adult Film Star Jesse Jane

Holy Taco Interviews Adult Film Star Jesse Jane – Watch more free videos

For those of you who don’t know, Jesse Jane is not only one of the biggest adult film stars working today, she’s also a national treasure. I’m thinking about lobbying to get her a stamp or something. Anyway, we decided it might be cool to interview her…on a roller coaster. Special thanks to Jesse for putting up with our nonsense. She couldn’t have been cooler.

After watching the video, please enjoy this game provided to us by the guys at Pandasmash.com. See if you can guess what’s a Jesse Jane film and what’s a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

27 Responses to "Holy Taco Interviews Adult Film Star Jesse Jane"

  1. GaryNull says:

    It’s awesome, hahahahah …. what a dumb cunt, lol

    This bitch should not be allowed to speak.

  2. alfafa says:

    She is a slut man….

  3. seanc says:

    she is MIGHTY FINE but her voice could get annoying… meh she doesn’t need to do any talkin :O

  4. Buddy Ice says:

    Michael, Michael, Michael … I really hope you slept with her dude. She seemed down for whatever and it seemed like she was throwing out some signals.

    If it’s on the hush, hush at least email me an answer; it will help me sleep at night knowing that the common man at least gets his slice of the pie every once in a while.

  5. Hawgbass.com says:

    she makes my TONGUE HARD

  6. C$$ says:

    she dp’d two candles in Pirates of the Carribean. Pretty sure it was a crazy ass lesbian scene in the movie.

  7. David says:

    Trailer park SKANK!!!! I’m sure everyone would agree if she didn’t have big fake tits!

  8. JONZE says:

    No one disagrees that she’s trailer park trash (TPT). but that doesnt mean she doesn’t make my boner any less happy, right?


  9. fuck it dude says:

    I know we’s Kin an’ all, but they got this D-pression on…

  10. big black boner says:

    If lovin the lord’s wrong I don wanna be right
    an if this the best you got I don wanna be white

  11. matt houts says:

    a can a peas
    a can a corn
    kicked yo bitch in the stomach
    an a retard be born

  12. my dick says:

    laughed his head off

  13. Brian Thompson of the USS Brian Thompson says:

    Pretty good, but it’s no Psychophobia

  14. Ray Roman says:

    hahahahhaah nice

  15. Vegas Strip Club Patron says:

    She was performing at a Vegas Strip club (under a different name)

    I was in Vegas Strip Club Treasure on April 14,15 (2am ish) and this stripper offered me a dance and I liked what I saw and so I ponied up the cash for the $100 special.

    In talking we talked about what kind of work she did other than stripping. She gave me a story about being from TN and also being in a video on Playboy.com. The dance was fabulous, but even better was when I checked out Playboy.com and found out that Jesse Jane was the stripper who I bought a lap dance from.
    Again…IT WAS FABULOUS!!!

  16. luscious says:

    Man I would fuck her in a sec no doubt that bitch is hot you can tell by her big mouth that she can suck dick I would love 2 have her tongue on my clit, then put my strap on and fuck the shit out of her!

  17. Dave C. says:

    Awhile back I used to work on a car magazine and we used her for the cover once. Of course I had to be on site to “supervise” the photo shoot. Jesse couldn’t have been cooler. Aside from being sexy as hell, she’s laid back, smart and more intelligent than most would give her credit. We all had a blast that day.

  18. Sean says:


    As a man of many words…. I am reduced to none. She basically opened her legs to you and you fucking licked your ice cream cone like a boy maybe getting the inside of your tighty whities a little sticky. It reminded me of a couple of my buddies who are basically the type of guys that are the origins of movies like the 40 y/o virgin.

    It’s great to live a life with no regrets. People that do, don’t do things so fucking stupid.

  19. BennyLava says:

    She is off the charts hot. I want to marry her.

  20. Kimbo's Lice says:

    Whatever. Who *hasn’t* DP’d two lit candles?

  21. jonze says:

    she licks a mean, ice cream cone…


  22. IdratherBfishing says:

    If only the nightly news were this interesting…

  23. blunt says:


  24. tbo says:

    best piece of journalism i’ve ever seen. i’m gonna go home and masturbate too

  25. elliot laberge says:

    well done. that was really great. what does dp’d 2 lit candles mean?

  26. justin says:

    DP means double penetration. So, it means she took two candles, lit them and then…fuck it, i’ll just let wikipedia explain it.


  27. Mr. B says:

    Elliot Laberge,

    You lose 5 man points for not know what dp is.

    That is all.