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Holy Taco Interviews: April Hunter

April Hunter Middle Finger

Holy Taco’s got friends. Not many in the real world, but we’ve got an abundance of buddies, pals, chums and cohorts within the Twitterverse. One of those Twitter friends is professional wrestler and fitness model April Hunter. April got her start in the ring with WCW, and has since wrestled around the world for various promotions and has worked with some of the biggest stars of the wrestling world. Also, she trained with wrestling legend Killer Kowalski, which means she can probably kill you with relative ease.

After noticing April was following our twitter feed, we decided to toss a few (mostly random and dumb) questions her way to get to know her better/get on her good side if she ever decided to German suplex humanity one person at a time.

You trained with legendary wrestler Killer Kowalski, is he as terrifying in real life as he seems in interviews?

More so! He would growl at us if we got our training drills wrong and his hand was as big as my head! It’s no wonder The Claw was so effective!

Have you ever had occasion to beat up an internet comedian?  If so what moves do you think would end it the fastest? Keep in mind, we’re not agile at all.

No, but there’s always a first. I’d think anything where I stretch you til you break would pretty much do the trick. Especially in the groin area. Efficient, no?

Best member of the A-team and why?

Murdoch. Hands down. I always like the crazy ones.

You’ve done a ton of competitive work in your life, from fitness to wrestling, what’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to for work?  What sucked the most?  Don’t be afraid to trash talk, we do it all the time.

I think overall my favorite places were the ones I could learn from…that also had really good food or chocolate. Germany, France, Japan, and Mexico stand out as my favorites…mostly because the food rocked and the sights weren’t shabby either. Canada wasn’t bad, as long as you don’t eat much there. The food is quite British…which is not a compliment. They kill their meat twice….once in slaughter, then again when cooking it. However, the people are pretty awesome there. I think my least favorite place to visit was a toss up between Puerto Rico and Jamaica. They’re both overrated as far as beauty, dirty as hell, unsafe. And I got food poisoning in both places. Not fun.

April Hunter Arm Bar

Classic film role that it would have been awesome to see Vin Diesel play?

Gawd. Please, no. I don’t want to have to suffer through any extra Vin Diesel moments. I  don’t get his appeal at all. Although, having him play the Hunchback of Notre Dame could be interesting…no, scratch that.

I see a lot of greasy, brown or orange people in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, what’s the weirdest thing people do to try to give themselves a competitive edge?

Hmmm. It would either be spraying Pam cooking spray all over themselves (because it doesn’t absorb like oil does) or going 3 days without a shower to build up layers of spray on tan before a competitive show. Icktastic!

Zombies Have Taken Over The Land, You Have To Arm Yourself. What Zombie-killing Weapons Do Carry With You as You Roam the Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands?

Beef Jerky. Oh, weapons. I’d say the traditional machine gun would be welcome accompaniment.

Worst party song of all time?

Wow, that’s very subjective. I tend to enjoy bad party songs. Who doesn’t love an occasional “Ice Ice Baby” or “Who Let The Dogs Out?” I can even tolerate “Achy Breaky Heart”. Nevermind “Eye of the Tiger”…whoop, whoop! That song STILL rocks.

Worst business proposition anyone’s ever made to you?

Some company wanted me to endorse a natural sex aid spray for erections. The catch was, they didn’t want to actually pay me…they just wanted to send me product. And then have me endorse them. Seriously.

April Hunter

Best kind of pie?  Pecan or cherry is probably the right answer, but don’t let that sway you.

Lemon Merengue! All the way! Oh, right…peach is damn peachy, too.

Worst 80’s sitcom?

I have a strong dislike for Growing Pains. My vote is for Saved By The Bell. The best thing to come out of that was Elizabeth Berkely getting naked in Showgirls. A movie I actually LIKED…so there, critics. Then again, I lived in Vegas and was a Showgirl, so I saw it was being somewhat accurate.

Any sport you can’t stand?

Golf. Boring! And people (Note to Nike)…it’s not a sport. It’s a GAME.

What’s the deal with competitive darts?

I think it’s great! Get a bunch of people drunk and give them sharp objects to throw! Genius! Clearly an American invented this game, right?

Future aspirations?

At the moment, it’s to acquire boxes so I can move to Tampa in a couple of weeks. But after that, I have LOTS going on including a new comic book debut and an appearance at Fetish Con.  Follow me on http://www.Twitter.com/AprilHunter!

April Hunter

Like say being on Holy Taco makes you the most famous person ever, what’s next?

Gosh, after this…the sky is pretty much the limit, innit? ;)

Will you hang out with us?

You made me laugh. So, yes,

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