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Holy Taco Interviews: Our Lady Peace’s Jeremy Taggart

Because sometimes you get sick of listening to what we have to say, we interview some of the cooler people we come across in our lives so you can listen to them instead.  Today, we’ve got Jeremy Taggart, drummer from Our Lady Peace, prolific Twitterer, sports fan and amateur boxer.  If you follow us on twitter (and you should, we’re hilarious there) you’ll have come across some of our conversations with Jeremy in the past.  They were so much fun we had to lay that 140 character limit to waste and bring him here to the big show.  Even though there’s a new album and tour on the way, he was still nice enough to give us a few minutes of his time.  Read on!

Holy Taco: You’re the drummer from one of Canada’s most popular bands with numerous gold and platinum selling albums.  If things hadn’t worked out and music wasn’t an option, what career path would you have chosen?

Jeremy Taggart: If I couldn’t play drums, I’d probably be doing something creative. Writing, or telling people what to do from a lawn chair. Definitely swearing the same.


HT: You’re on Twitter frequently, like an unsleeping force of nature – as an artist and as an individual, what are the highlights and the lowlights of the proliferation of social media?

JT: Twitter kind of made it perfect for people like me (@Taggart7) who don’t like to speak forever on a subject that comes up. You can’t fake the expression that exists, and the instant real news factor is very addictive. By getting most of my news on it, I’m always reacting. So I’m a bit of a feed filler, but I try and stay positive, and keep it entertaining, unless I’m Tweeting against Baupost Group, the burpy 22 billion dollar hedge fund behind the proposed mega quarry in Melancthon, Ontario. But that’s fighting the future, and it needs to happen.


HT: Media sources and social media assures us that no one likes Nickelback, yet they consistently top record and sales charts, so clearly they have a massive fan base – any insight into the hate compared to the apparent unspoken love for bands like that?

JT: Nickleback know their fans down to the T. They know what they like, they know how they feel, they write soundtracks to their fans lifestyle, and the sales and radio continue to prove that theory to be exact. In business circles we call that genius, but just because it’s music, hipsters get their back up, because they have some false dream of mainstream radio being hip. When it’s never ever been that. Remember Fabian folks? (ED Note – No.  No we don’tNeither do you.)

HT: If you’re in the middle of a long set in front of an audience, what exactly do you do if you really need to go to the bathroom?

JT: Piss in a bottle crouching dragon-styles


HT:  Most overrated bands in rock history?

JT: That 80′s American metal shit. So fucking bad.


HT:  Zombies have taken over the land.  You have to arm yourself.  What zombie killing weapons do you carry as you roam the post-apocalyptic wasteland?

JT: Louisville Slugger


HT: As a Canadian enjoying success in the US market, what are some of your favorite misconceptions Americans have about Canada?

JT: I’d like to think it’s gotten better with border knowledge, I haven’t heard a bad one in a while.



HT: You have a new tour and a new album on the way, what do you do to relax and have fun when you’re on the road away from home?

JT: Golf, Blue Jays, Food, Tweeting.


HT: Thanks to the internet you can’t escape even the most inane and pointless of news items – what are you sick of hearing about?

JT: People that aren’t dead dying. (Ed. Note – RIP Lou Bega)
HT:  We look at things like music, comedy, books and film in much the same way, as something that’s essential for us to be human.  What’s the purpose of entertainment to you?

JT: Entertainment is another form of expression, and it’s only good done right for me personally. From John Coltrane to Richard Pryor, and Gene Hackman to Tom Waits. It’s always a well crafted trades person at work. Even in sport. Entertainment is designed to make us feel. What’s more important than that?

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s Jeremy in the Boxer

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