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Holy Taco Presents: The AIDS Meme

Today is World AIDS Day. We thought we should do our part to spread the word about the most horrific disease ever encountered by mankind, and when it comes to the internet, there’s no better way to spread information than with a meme. We’ve included a blank template at the bottom so that you can create your own and help spread the word about the dangers of AIDS.

Make your own LOLAIDS and send it to us.  If it’s not too racist or homophobic, then we’ll post it here.

21 Responses to "Holy Taco Presents: The AIDS Meme"

  1. Ducatis4 says:

    don’t look at it next time, if your just gonna cry

  2. blueBalls says:

    “the mean man hurted my vagina with his words…”

  3. smashitup420 says:

    just not in good taste at all, or humorous

  4. Jupiter says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    Shame, Holy Taco. Shame.

  5. Jewish guy says:

    AIDS is punishment from god to kill blackies and brownies

    aids is ravaging africa like a tornado in a trailer park

    we should not feel sorry for those people too stupid to wear protection

    But the good news is us jews may come up with a cure, but its gonna cost those jungle jimbo’s

  6. NogStomper says:


  7. Finnegan says:

    Hmm… according to the WHO there are currently 6,000+ Israeli residents infected with HIV and were not talking about Palestinians living in Israel, they have got their own numbers…

    Oh by the way I’ve been to Israel once and a lot of native Israelis (not the ex-Russian, -German, -American etc. bunch), who lived there for a couple of thousand years now looked suspiciously brown to me, almost like the Palestinian minority… Oh wait thats because they are essentially the same breed of peaople and just have different religious beliefs.

    So my question to you: Are brown Israelis Sand Niggers too ? :P

  8. Hungry says:

    Too bad god doesn’t exist, so your theory is wrong dum dum.

  9. DaveLovesBacon says:

    “Make your own LOLAIDS and send it to us. If it’s not too racist or homophobic, then we’ll post it here.”

    Why the fuck would I bother making one then?!?!? I remember the goold ole days when racist and homophobic were not only tolerated, but expected…sigh

  10. goofball says:

    well said

  11. P says:

    LOLAIDS gave me LOLZ

  12. EYE H8 ni99ers says:

    Aids loves vaginas

  13. Cegorach says:

    holy shit that was great… i swear i laughed for a good 5 minutes @ the retro virus one

  14. DaveLovesBacon says:

    That was neither homphobic nor racist…FAIL

  15. An ona mouse says:

    hahaha best!

  16. FullBlownAids says:

    TannerW, I highly approve of that. You win.

  17. MyFightWiffaCheeto says:


  18. office jerk says:

    this cannot end well

  19. Heyo says: