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Holy Taco Reader Has Heidi And Spencer Confrontation


So, one of our readers was at dinner last night with a couple of friends and spotted Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, sitting a few tables away. Apparently our reader was taking a picture of his friends who had joined him for dinner, and well, Pratt thought he was taking a picture of him and the following happened, according to our reader:

I was at dinner at Cut (Wolfgang Puck’s place in the Regent bev wilshire) tonight and Spencer and Heidi were there eating as well. I took a picture of our friends during dinner, and Spencer got mad because he thought we were taking unauthorized pics of them when we were taking pics of our friends. He was watching us take pics of our friends the whole time. He is such a douchebag. So I took this picture of him (barely legible) instead.

Meanwhile, there was a really hot girl eating with them and Spencer was totally into her. I couldn’t get a picture of that.

Now, the pic the reader sent in is pretty hard to make out, but I’ve labeled it so you can see. You can sort of make out his weird gremlin nose and her pelican-esque head.


I really love that these two shitheads, who have made an entire career out of having people document their life in pictures (both moving and still) not only: a) assume any time someone snaps a photo that it’s of them and b) get really mad when they do. Three years from now, when no one is taking any pictures of them and Heidi Montag is getting messages on her answering machine saying, “Hi. Ms. Montag, this is Brenda, producer from The Surreal Life, um, the guy who played Buddy from Charles In Charge said yes, so we don’t really have a spot for you,” they’ll be offering fellatio to anyone with a camera to take a pic of them.

Thanks to reader Keith for sending this in.

One Response to "Holy Taco Reader Has Heidi And Spencer Confrontation"

  1. dickgrays1 says:

    Is that Katharine Harris sitting in front of them? She’s still more famous, and nearly as evil!