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Holy Taco Receives a Cease and Desist Order

cease harry bliss

Fans of Sunday Comics rejoice, we’ve been served! Turns out Tribune Media, which distributes the comic created by Harry Bliss, doesn’t think our rampantly offensive comics are funny and has had a lawyer contact us on the matter.


Now it’s a sticky wicket of an issue, because we’re all idiots here and don’t want to deal with lawyers. On the other hand, lawyers know that and that’s why they’re dicks.

The most entertaining aspect of this entire issue is, of course, that Harry Bliss is arguably most notable for helping the New Yorker magazine pioneer its own cartoon plagiarism, after Bliss lifted some Jack Kirby art in 2008 for a cartoon with no credit, which the magazine then had to explain in a later issue after everyone raised a stink. Bliss’ defense was that it was an overt reference meant as a tribute which might be true, but makes no sense for the New Yorker audience, very few of whom likely had any 60′s era Tales to Astonish on hand.  But anyway, in about a week we’re going to publish an article that says the same thing about our comics.

Anyone who remembers paper may remember that the Dysfunctional Family Circus, which we also apparently rip off, faced the same issue a few years back when Bil Keane became unhappy with their hilarious parodies. That strip ended however, not after lawyers had hissy fits, but after the DFC creator spoke to Bil Keane on the phone and reached an understanding, because they were both able to act as decent human beings. So the question is should Holy Taco wait for a decent human being to talk to us?

GIFs still aren’t coming back. Sorry.

cease and desist letter

31 Responses to "Holy Taco Receives a Cease and Desist Order"

  1. Elliott says:


  2. ... says:

    damn, I love the comics

  3. RedTeam says:

    Well I thought HT would be protected by fair use and parody.

  4. Darth Vader says:


  5. Fuck Ian says:


  6. Guy who is totally not a douche nozzle says:

    yea Ian is a huge douche nozzle

  7. Derka says:

    Now if only a lawyer could force you to be funny…

  8. Barry Hliss says:

    You guys are really funny, but you can’t draw dicks worth dick.

  9. crackermonkey says:

    Are the dicks erect, if so, that is offensive and must ask you to cease and desist. Only limp dicks allowed.

    Viva la resistance

  10. itsgalf says:

    lawyers are faggots

  11. durr says:

    err what about fair use? fuck them in the lawyer-holes.

  12. DonkeyXote says:

    Fucking plutocrats!

    PS: Nice job though for digging up dirt on Harry Bliss! PRICELESS!!!!!

  13. crackermonkey says:

    sir, I am offended. My prostitute is a lawyer.

  14. Ian Fortey says:
    Where”d some of you guys get the idea this ended sunday comics?  We’ll just try to avoid soiling the sensibilties of people who draw comics for the New Yorker.  More Marmaduke!
  15. me! says:

    yay marmaduke!

  16. Mr. Law Man says:

    What are you waiting to post this gif?

  17. GIF Lover says:

    I’m glad to see that Tribune Media got my email. Bring back the GIF’s, mother fuckers!

  18. Ian Fortey says:
    I have a gif of me shitting on the gifs you want to see.  It’s the only gif we’ll ever post again.
  19. Your Mom's Ass says:


  20. Person says:

    Why aren’t gifs coming back?

  21. Luis Prada says:
    We really don’t have a problem with the .gifs, it’s just that they take up a lot of precious bandwidth that costs our bosses money, or energy, or whatever the hell bandwidth takes up.
  22. Scared of them says:

    If you can’t do gifs, you can’t do them. No harm no foul.

  23. Person says:

    Ah. I hadn’t heard a straight answer yet. That’s cool. They were fun while they lasted!

  24. pratik says:

    If there was an exclamation point somewhere in the letter, you could’ve written in LOUD NOISES!! and an arrow pointing to it.

  25. Asshole Lawyer says:

    This wouldn’t have happened if you had just stuck w/ gifs

  26. Your M other says:

    Really they’re doing you a favor, now you won’t have to try passing the atrocity that is Sunday comics off as humor anymore.

  27. Dutch Shakelford says:

    nice to see a humorist with no sense of humor.

  28. DonkeyXote says:

    I spy with my little eye a ticked off Harry Bliss lawyer…

  29. MaMaMaMonsterJAMMMMMM says:

    the little red dick being pointed out made me laff so hard

  30. Shrek 2 says:

    What is the world comeing to when you can’t make child rape jokes anymore? :(

  31. Orifice Jerq says:

    but you can still rip on hagar and all that other shit, right? just drop that one they bitched about?