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Holy Taco Salutes: Jesse Frederick

You probably don’t know Jesse Frederick by name, even though you invited him into your home every Friday night of your childhood. No, he’s not your Dad’s creepy friend from down the street. Jesse Frederick is the musician who wrote and recorded the theme songs for Perfect Strangers, Full House, Family Matters, and Step By Step.  Y’know, those shows that you watched every Friday night of your teenage years, right before you practiced masturbating? Maybe these will jog your memory:
Perfect Strangers

Full House
Family Matters
Step By Step
Jesse Fredericks tried to establish a music career back in the ’70′s, along with every other person on the face of the earth.  He released one self-titled album in 1971, which wasn’t all that successful, probably because he didn’t give himself a sweet middle name like "Cougar" or something. 
Is this just an excuse to post these awesome opening credit clips? Probably, but we here at Holy Taco salute Jesse Fredericks for being the gold standard of family-oriented half-hour sitcom theme songs.

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