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Holy Taco’s Facebook Friend O’ the Week

The internet is a wild and dangerous place full of miscreants. Many of them are reading this along with you and we love them all because they’re our core audience. In celebration of the back alley that is Holy Taco and its wonderful fans, we’re giving our super fans, the people who go above and beyond the call of duty, the chance to be featured right here along such hallowed journalistic milestones like How to Make Love to Christopher Walken and gifs of kitty cats.

This week’s friend is Alex, who made waves in the Facebook group by professing undying love, challenging a bear to a jello wrestling match and then dropping some obscure references to dairy products. Needless to say we were impressed and sent her a message. 13 messages later including one from a fake account that we said was from a Hollywood producer and she wrote back. What follows is the no less than 60% honest account of our interaction.


HT: You seem to not be incarcerated or otherwise held against your will, tell us about yourself.

A: Well, I’m 18, I’m a sophomore at UNCW and I play field hockey. That’ like real hockey but without all that ridiculous ice and Canadians. I mean really, Canadians?

HT: Yes, they’re a silly lot. What’s a UNCW? Is that like PCP or BEP?

A: Oh no, those are both terrible. It’s the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

HT: So is field hockey exciting to watch?

A: Probably not. Maybe if I’m playing. My favorite sport to watch is soccer.

HT: And yet you’re not from an impoverished African nation

A: I know, weird, right? By the way, F*ck Ghana.

HT: Ha, take that, Ghana. Your GDP is only $755 per person. Way to fail at not being rich.

A: Yeah.

HT: Anyway, is there anything else readers need to know about you?

A: I like cheese more than any dessert. And once, this guy took me to McDonald’s on our first date, but I still dated him for a year.

HT: That never happens when we take girls to McDonald’s

A: This guy was good looking, though.

HT: Awesome…for him. Switching gears, what makes you come and read Holy Taco? We’d been under the impression it related to us all being so good looking.

A: See? That’s funny. That’s why I come to HT, it stops me from committing a slow, painful suicide on boring summer days. Also, if I get bored of internet porn, I can always go to Holy Taco to get off.

HT: Can you confirm you actually wrote that in an email to us and it’s not something we made up for this article?

A: Not really. Only the two of us will ever know for sure, I guess.

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7 Responses to "Holy Taco’s Facebook Friend O’ the Week"

  1. Tiny Dickman says:

    Fuck you fuckers, I’m your biggest fan, now that Bitch-Cunt Justin is gone

  2. orifice jerq says:

    curiously another missing white horse or recounting errouneously?

  3. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    “A: I like cheese more than any dessert. And once, this guy took me to McDonald’s on our first date, but I still dated him for a year.

    HT: That never happens when we take girls to McDonald’s

    A: This guy was good looking, though.”


    Holy Taco you just got burned by some girl on teh internetz, what does this shaming feel like?

    BTW, who takes a chick to McDonals? Everyone knows Burger King is much classier. Just a little tip for y’all on Holy Taco.

  4. 00kla the M0k says:

    Very attractive. Cool too. Can you make her say that Sentry ripping Ares in half was the best thing in comics this year?

    thank you

    Oh and btw, “rejecting other ppl’s liver transplant” in that other article really was a fuckin awesome line. Made me laugh almost as much as the dog/fuck/puke gif.


  5. Token White Guy says:

    Don’t diss the Canadians, darling. We have bigger cocks and smaller guts than your American counterparts. ;-)

  6. Strange Tastes says:

    She doesn’t mind McDonald’s and eats lots of cheese.

    So basically she’s a hot chick who’s a cheap date and is always constipated.

    Yep, sheeee’s a keeper!

  7. Smartass says:

    Holy Taco has groupies now?!?

    Finally, Justin Bieber fans have a group they can look down on.