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Holy Taco’s Favorite Hollywood Nerds

Join us in a Friday homage to some of our favorite on-screen nerds!

Charlie Korsmo a.k.a. William Lichter in Can’t Hardly Wait

This guy gets props for his drunken rendition of “Welcome To The Jungle” that changed his high school image forever. Unfortunately, he didn’t land anymore Hollywood nerd roles after this because he was too busy going to Yale and being a real-life nerd.


Chris Owen, a.k.a. Chuck Sherman, a.k.a. “The Sherminator” from American Pie

The Sherminator gets a huge amount of nerd respect from HT because in American Pie he pulled the ultimate nerd move — he was a decent human being. In the end, nothing will make you more popular with the opposite sex than not being a complete dick. We hope Chris’s subsequent nerd roles (a few more American Pie‘s and a handful of weird “B” movies) allowed him to get what he was actually after the whole time.


Thora Birch, specifically as “Enid” in Ghost World

Thora Birch as Enid was particularly compelling because she was a nerdy girl into genuinely nerdy things, and she also wasn’t afraid to hook up with lonely old men. Which is often what young male nerds grow into, if they’re not careful.


Martin Starr, specifically as “Bill Haverchuck” from Freaks and Geeks

Bill Haverchuck was, in our opinion, TV’s ultimate nerd. Why? Because his nerd-dom is incredibly genuine. Which would explain Martin Starr’s difficulty in finding roles that don’t depict him as anything else. Embrace it, Martin, embrace it.


Robert Carradine, specifically as king of all nerds, Lewis Skolnick in Revenge of the Nerds.

A true icon in nerd culture, the character of Lewis Skolnick taught us all that enduring the torment of our schoolmates would eventually pay off in the form of a super hot chick.



3 Responses to "Holy Taco’s Favorite Hollywood Nerds"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    You left out Tony Denman and Samm Levine, they’ve done sooo many nerd roles!!

  2. warvette says:

    lewis skolnick is a great choice also for the category “rapists who got away with it in the movies”. oooh- new category?