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Holy Taco’s Saturday BMX Front Flip GIF Bonanza

It’s a special GIF treat for our loyal fans!  GIF GIF GIF!

12 Responses to "Holy Taco’s Saturday BMX Front Flip GIF Bonanza"

  1. Gumbo says:

    that is a truly spectacular feat.

  2. wade says:

    It’s not a damn BMX

  3. Frostback says:

    Glorius. I think it brought a tear to my eye…

  4. gordon liddy says:

    That has got to be the laziest piece of shit Holy Taco has done. Where did all the funny people go?

  5. Bob Saget says:

    Touché, Holytaco.

  6. What says:

    Get a life. Find a partner and make kids. Die.

  7. DonkeyXote says:

    How did you get them in sync?

  8. OMGWTFBBQ says:


  9. Szymon says:

    I gonna stop reading this site from here on now!!!
    used to be funny like drunkuniversity.com, but then eventually lost th funny factor!
    GFYS holytaco!

  10. Vred says:


  11. BMX Frontflip Off The Roof Fan says: