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Holytaco Buzz: Westboro Church Pickets Ryan Dunn

This definitely isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Westboro Baptist church, and it certainly wont be the last.  They’re making headlines once again by picketing Ryan Dunn’s funeral, claiming all the above and more.  Makes sense — a small, marginalized religious group who hates basically…everything besides incest become national media sensations by making horrible, atrocious claims.

Ah, America.

6 Responses to "Holytaco Buzz: Westboro Church Pickets Ryan Dunn"

  1. bad acid trip says:

    Ironic, a hundred idiots boycotting one dead idiot. You just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    These motherfuckers wanted to mock Dio’s gravesite. It won’t be long they’ll take their antiques to protest and desecrate Ryan’s grave. Crazy fucking assholes.

  3. smorsh says:

    fucking whackjobs

  4. aaron says:

    as a christian and jackass and dunn fan this pisses me off, i say any funeral that has said church involved gets boycotted

  5. Bandito says:

    I don’t see this going well for the Church group. Ryan Dunn’s friends will take offense, and that isn’t the kind of group that will just answer verbally.