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Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Fat


31 Responses to "Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Fat"

  1. JHC says:

    They make her tits look fat.

  2. Jonathan Brandis's ghost says:

    no. i’m dead.

  3. Ricky Schroeder says:

    It’s me.

  4. Eye Spy says:

    Johnathan Brandis? Is that you?

  5. Al Frank says:

    It’s Ralphie from A Chrismas Story, all growed up!

  6. Evil Taco says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s the dude who played Malcolm in the Middle.

  7. This looks like it might be... says:

    David Chokachi’s 1995 Baywatch audition photo.

  8. Anonymous4567 says:

    they talk too much (the guys that said shes a man) i can already picture their women… all fat cows, or even you must be fat dogs… so you better shut up

  9. The Souless Ginger says:

    The only woman I find attractive is my gym teacher, and only because she has hairy pits.

  10. Jimbo says:

    aaahhhhh, Gemma Atkinson. She’s from Manchester, UK. I’ve seen her from time to time in restaurants, bars etc. Always looking sexy as hell, but the fake tits aren’t necessary. Having said that I’d still give my right nut to motor boat her.

  11. PenyWise says:

    Holy Stripes !

  12. Your wife says:

    Hell yeah!

  13. Don says:

    I would even brag to my wife if I bagged her, it would be worth it!

  14. Your mother says:


  15. Shut it says:


  16. Non-Conformist says:

    Holy Moly!

  17. Billy says:

    Pictures of her at the beach are the best, she has a dark treasure trail that starts at her belly button and goes right into her bikini bottoms, it’s pretty hot stuff

  18. Twattage Cheese says:


  19. pale white guy says:

    who is she?

  20. Fliegnpilz says:

    i think Gemman Atkinson

  21. Barn Door says:

    He’s pretty hot. What’s his name?

  22. The Souless Ginger says:

    I think he was one of the Backstreet Boys.

  23. DonkeyXote says:

    Oh for fuck sake, SHUT THE FUCK UP you walking-eating-shitting walking road-cone! Just because you turned 18 and finally got your soul from the devil, doesn’t mean you can flaunt your mutation like a light-house on fire. At least put a fucking beanie on to snuff it out a bit.

    …and don’t act like you have feelings you scummy little ginge.

  24. Anonymous234 says:

    lol us gingers will come and eat you in your sleep

  25. Bigger Ginger says:

    As a 210lb ginger and a member of the US Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) (Psychological Operations Division) I respectfully disagree with the stereotype that all gingers are scrawny little weaklings to be picked on…hell even carrot top could kick your asses now :D


  26. The Souless Ginger says:

    I’m sorry DonkeyXote. I admit that I am a whingy little ginge but please stop saying those things about us ginges ’cause it is actually quite hurtful.

  27. gingereater says:

    shut the fuck up ginger

  28. Beavis says:

    Her name is Gemma Atkinson

  29. Dick Clark says:

    And she talks acts and looks like a dude. You gays. We should hook up. My special move is the reach-around.

  30. liveforever says:

    If the gays look that, then I am so gay right now. I’m gayer than freddy mercury going to see Kylie with Liza Minelli

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