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Where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Famous Kill Lines Come From

On Saturday, AMC is having an Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Marathon, which we are incredibly excited about, because that means that an endless stream of awesomely ridiculous Schwarzenegger kill lines is on the way.  All action movies have these, but Schwarzenegger’s are easily the stupidest and the most pun-saturated.  We decided to delve into the mind of some of Arnie’s most famous characters to see exactly what train of thought got them to the kill line that they settled on:
"You’re Fired." (from True Lies)
Arnie’s Thought Process:  Okay, let’s see: the bad guy is hanging on a missile.  I’m definitely going to kill him by launching him on this missile.  What do missiles do?  They explode, the blow things up, they shoot, they fly.  Hmm, not much to work with there.  Okay, I’ll take a different angle: what do I do to the missile?  I launch it, I shoot it, I fire it—ooh! Fired!  You can fire a missile, and you can also fire an employee, putting him out of the job.  I’m kind of putting this terrorist guy out of the job, and out of his life.  Okay, fired works.  Let’s just keep it simple now…..Okay, I’ve got it:
"Stick Around." (from Predator)

Arnie’s Thought Process:  Damn.  I’m getting tired of shooting people.  They can’t even hear my witty puns over the blasting.  Besides, I haven’t had a good gun/shooting pun since I shot that guy that looked like Morgan Freeman and said "Holy Moly".  Enough with the shooting.  I need to stab a guy.  Oh! There’s a guy over there.  Let me just hide behind this post.  I’ll just blast these couple of guys real quick to get closer.  Hmm.  I can’t get too close, I’ll have to just throw this knife.  There we go, got him!  Oooh! The knife somehow went through him and stuck to the wall behind him!  Okay, there’s a good line here.  He’s stuck to the wall.  He can’t move.  Let’s see here.  This one’s practically writing itself:
"Screw You!" (from Total Recall)
Arnie’s Thought Process:  Yes! Finally there’s someone trapped in a vehicle I can drill through to kill with this giant drill I’ve been running with for over an hour.  Okay, I need a really good drill pun for when I kill this guy.  Something like, "You know the drill."  Hmm, except that would imply that he’s seen this drill before.  That might not be applicable.  I don’t really know his relationship with this drill.  Okay, gotta think of something else, and fast.  Okay, this drill spins, like a top, or a….a screw!  That’s it!  It doesn’t really apply, because this is a drill, not a screw, but it’ll have to do.  Okay, don’t overcomplicate it.  All I need is a simple phrase…Got it:
"Let off some steam, Bennett." (from Commando)
Arnie’s Thought Process: Let’s see:  I’ve just somehow thrown a large piece of pipe through Bennett’s body, and it’s ruptured something on the other side of him, causing steam to pour out of the pipe.  Okay, how about a cool catch phrase involving pipes?  "Pipe down." No. That’s terrible.  He’s not being any louder than he has to be in this loud basement.  Okay, what else do I have to work with?  There’s an inordinate amount of steam coming out of the pipe now.  I should do something with that.  What else is steamy?  A sauna.  Hmm, that’s a bit of a stretch, though.  Maybe I’ll just stick with steam.  What phrases use the word ‘steam’?  You can say someone’s steaming,  meaning they’re angry or upset.  Oh!  You can let of some steam!  That’s applicable, because Bennett is really angry and out of control, so I’d be telling him to calm down, but also commenting on the fact that there’s steam everywhere.  That’s perfect.  I should make sure that I say his name, too, just so that he knows I’m talking to him, and not somebody else:
Every Single Arnold Line (from Batman & Robin)
Arnie’s Thought Process:  Okay, let me analyze my character real quick: he’s Mr. Freeze.  He’s obsessed with cold and freezing and ice.  He likes to freeze people; that’s what he does.  Okay, so at some point, I can be like "Freeze!" like a cop, but then I just freeze the person instead.  That’s pretty good.  That’s easy, too.  What else means ‘cold’?  Cool.  Cool means cold.  I can call all kinds of things ‘cool’!  Oh! I can say ‘Ice’ a lot, too.  Like, whenever I would normally say ‘nice’, I can say ‘ice’ instead.  Like, "have a Ice day."  That’s kinda lame, but it’s definitely an option.  What else do I have? Hmm…’Freeze’…..’Cool down’, or something like that…..’Chill’.  There it is!  Chill!  "Chill!"  Yeah. I like that:
 Be sure to tune in to AMC this Saturday night for the Schwarzenegger Marathon.  It’s gonna be awesome.

3 Responses to "Where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Famous Kill Lines Come From"

  1. Jake says:

    Okay so imagine Arnold has to kill an entire room full of evil motherfuckers… with only a broom.

  2. Vaine says:

    Commando much? best Arnold movie ever.

  3. Foster Keats says:


    “You’re a funny guy Sully, I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last…”

    “Cmon, do it, do it, kill me, I’m here, do it, I’m here, kill me!!!”

    “Remember Sully when I promised to kill you last? I lied…”

    “I eat green berets for breakfast, and right now I am very hungry…”