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How Donald Trump Takes On 6 Other Jobs

trump with a stri[[er

Donald Trump is staying in the news not because he is news, but because all journalists have a very subversive sense of humor.  Right now, Donald Trump is like the Sam Kinison of politic, he just keeps screeching this outrageously hilarious stuff and you have to watch it.  But if Trump wasn’t just batting around the Presidential mouse like a bored cat, he might set his mind to some other tasks that need looking into with the same vigor, tact and good sense that he’s using in his political campaign.  And thus was born a Photoshop article.

Air Traffic Control

trump in control tower

Crab Fishing

trump on a crab boat

Toll Collector

toll collector

Shelter Operator

homeless shelter trump


5 Responses to "How Donald Trump Takes On 6 Other Jobs"

  1. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    liking the toll booth operator willie one.

    but seriously now guys, how the FUCK can a man so wealthy and powerful like Mr. Trump be such a bat-shit crazy fucking ape-lunatic?

    How do i live in a country where a man who is so delusional and rampantly ignorant basically can wipe his ass with fistfuls of 100 dollar bills, and talc himself with diamond dust?

    something in this world is just seriously fucked up.

    the same statement would be valid from a citizen of probably any country about a man in power there too… see north korea, libya, italy. etc.

    • morterforker says:

      don’t be such a bat-shit crazy fucking ape-lunatic hater. hate the game! i’ve had to wipe my ass w/ pictures of dollar bills before. would have used a toupee if i had one.

  2. 00kla the m0k says:

    I peek back in here 3 years later and its still the same flat political idiocy. HT was always obviously liberal but that was OK back when HT managed to be funny. When you try to be funny via political satire, you just come off as vapid and angry. Not funny. And to many readers, stupid.

    Maybe I am wrong to expect the funny.

  3. bad acid trip says:

    haha, really good