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How To: Get a Bartender’s Attention

When you’re a bartender, every night feels like the initial, frantic phases of an awkward orgy:  It’s really loud and messy, and you’ve got a lot to do, but you have to deal with disgusting, sweaty, drunk a-holes all night.  A good bar patron can be a breath of fresh air to a hard-working bartender, but if you’re going to get noticed in that sea of sweaty drunk faces that the bartender’s looking into all night, you’ll have to know the proper procedure:
Step 1: Have Some Boobs
Whether you’re a guy who likes them or a girl who has them, boobs are great for many reasons.  One of the things that they’re really good for is getting attention, and the great thing is that they don’t even have to be your boobs.  As long as you’re near a set of boobs, you’re greatly increasing your chances of getting some drinks before the karaoke DJ starts hitting on your date again.  It doesn’t matter what kind of boobs they are, either, but keep in mind that your wait time at the bar is directly proportional to the size of the boobs you’re standing near.  Dolly Parton probably doesn’t even know that people wait at bars, and guess what: neither does her husband.  Always stand next to the biggest boobs that you can find.  That’s just good advice for life in general, but it will definitely help you get your drinks faster.
Step 2: Make Eye Contact, But Don’t Be Creepy About It
Your goal here is fairly simple: you want the bartender to acknowledge that you’re there, and that you’re waiting to place an order, but you don’t want to hold the gaze so long that his butthole starts to worry about you waiting for him later in the parking lot.  Just establish quick eye contact, and then look away.  Some people like to throw in a bit of a head nod, and that’s probably okay if you can pull it off without looking like a biker bar extra from Wild Hogs, which most people can’t do.  You definitely shouldn’t smile unnaturally at the bartender, and don’t even think of mouthing any words to him, unless you want him to think that you’re either hitting on him, or that you’re a deaf-mute, and  nobody wants to be mistaken for a deaf-mute.
Step 3: Hold Some Cash In Your Hand

You don’t need to hold a lot of cash.  We’re not talking about a huge roll of 20′s or something.  While that would certainly get the bartender’s attention, it would also get the attention of everyone else in the bar, including all the burglars and pickpockets who are masquerading as normal bar-goers.  Just have enough cash in your hand to let him know that you’re looking to buy something, and not just putting away some change.  Some people like to fold the bills over, so that it looks like there’s more money, but when money is used to beckon a bartender’s attention, it’s more about visibility than the exact dollar amount.  Don’t hold it out like you’re desperately beckoning a stripper with it, either.  Just have it noticeably in your hand, so he can tell that you’re waiting to order.
Step 4: Speak Loudly and Clearly
When the bartender finally comes over to help you,  get your order out quickly and loudly.  Don’t waste his time with elaborate greetings or hows-it-goin’s unless he asks you first.  Just know exactly what you want, and tell that to the bartender in the simplest way possible.  If the bar that you’re in happens to be loud, you’ll probably have to lean in and yell into his ear like you’re at a rock concert or your grandparents’ house.  When he looks at you confusedly, yell it again, but this time do it louder.  Always remember: yelling a second time doesn’t accomplish anything unless you do it louder than you did the first time.

Step 5: Tip
Tipping at a bar is not exactly the same as tipping in a restaurant, in that there’s less math involved.  Try to keep it simple, and made of paper.  Avoid tipping in coins, unless they’re really awesome old collectible coins or you’re in Europe, where they have coins in larger denominations. The amount of the tip depends on what you ordered, but it’s generally a matter of how many glasses are involved.  Believe it or not, the bartender will probably remember you, and if you order a round of beers for you and your 8 obnoxious friends, you should probably tip a little bit more than you did for the one frozen strawberry daquiri that you secretly chugged before any of your friends showed up.
Step 6: Don’t Be a Bitch About It
A bartender is not your child.  He didn’t just put the cat in the washing machine, or force his sister to drink bleach, or some other thing that kids do all the time.  You don’t have the right to yell at him, criticize him, or verbally abuse him in any way.  That’s not only a matter of public decency, either; there’s some potential benefits for good behavior.  For example, it might slightly lessen the chances that you’ll accidentally drink semen tonight.  I’m not suggesting that bartenders jerk off into people’s drinks.  I’m just saying that you should never make the mistake of doubting that a bartender could jerk off into your drink, if you ever gave him a reason to do so. It’s a precautionary measure, but anything that leads away from you unwittingly drinking semen is worth the effort.  Just stay calm and be patient, and you’ll get your drinks as soon as everyone with boobs has been served.

34 Responses to "How To: Get a Bartender’s Attention"

  1. Max power says:

    In canada we have to tip coins
    the smallest bills we have are fives
    thats why its so easy to rip off a bartender,
    they think your tipping in like 2 dollar coins but your really tipping like quarters and dimes

  2. Roboto666 says:

    nice tips homes! maybe i should get a strap-on boobs to get my drinks faster!!

  3. Barfags says:

    At the end of the day, a bartender is a glorified bitch who is there to serve booze in order to get our money. It’s not the bartender we are there to pay for.

    Some retard bartenders think they have this awe-inspiring power. YEAH, being able to choose who’s bitch you are is a really impressive power.

  4. i love me for me says:

    with a rack like that u have everybody’s attention

  5. g-man says:

    Not everybody…

    *waves pink scarf, blows you a kiss*

  6. Jay says:

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  7. Ivan says:

    I bartend, and really, all you need to do is have money in your hand and tip, nothing huge, but a buck a drink will get you faster service than a quarter.
    When ordering, make sure I can see your mouth, as I can probably read your lips, and never yell too loudly into my ear, it hurts and pisses me off.
    Never, ever start telling me your order until I’ve asked you. It’s rude and you look like an asshole, and I will serve a minimum of ten people before I get to you.
    The tits thing, not that big a deal, I’m not twelve, I see tits everyday, and being near a chick won’t necessarily get your served quicker.
    Have fun.

  8. Anonymously says:

    Fuck bartenders. If they aren’t aware of the crap that comes with the job, then quit. Don’t do it to begin with. Morons.

  9. Anonymously says:

    Yeah and I sued. Now he hates bartending and lives off nothing now. Better late than never.

  10. Tuco says:

    What Barfags doesn’t know is that most of us have fucked his girl

  11. Zangor says:

    The kid below me is a fag

  12. Tisquantum says:

    If that’s how you really feel, I hope you don’t go to bars much. Otherwise you’re probably getting straight pours, spit mixers and dick stirs.

  13. Love~ says:

    I love you PedoBear!

  14. PBear says:

    it doesn’t matter where you live, just send me the address..

  15. philosopher says:

    i can’t wait til i’m old enough, to drink. oh well, only 9 years, to go

  16. PBear says:

    You live in Arizona?

  17. philosopher. says:

    Maybe we could hook up?

  18. Just another internet whore says:

    Skip these, and just do some intimating about the bartender’s mother. A verbal comparison of your respective cock sizes works too. They *love* a good joke!

  19. stan is a faggot says:

    seriously… stop calling me for this stupid shit

  20. Zangor says:

    “but keep in mind that your wait time at the bar is directly proportional to the size of the boobs you’re standing near.” Yes I am picking this shit apart.

  21. Zangor says:

    Yah i remember when i did those things, she was so hot when she was like 5 years old. And the chewing gum made it so much better. I chewed it for about 2 hours so the consistency was the same as super glue. I had to go to the hospital after falling asleep and leaving it in my hairy crotch overnight.

  22. stan is a faggot says:

    the dude who wrote this jerked off to lindsay lohan in the parent trap and rolled chewed up gum in his balls. no. this is not a joke i know him. now stop calling me about this stupid shit you brain dead faggot fuck.

  23. MaxSpain says:

    Numero Uno! Not necessarily funny but oh so true…

  24. God says:

    LOL… good luck with that.

  25. horncusker says:

    Pound on the bar, demand your drinks and yell about how long you have been waiting…it is, after all, your world…make them recognize.

  26. The Lospinator says:

    Not only would I not serve you, I would cut your ass off and tell you to leave my bar. That’s RUDE!

  27. horncusker says:

    I have several bartender friends and we always joke about this type of behavior that is demonstrated by @$$hats…

    Maybe next time I should italicize so that you all can appreciate the sarcasm…

  28. your mom's mom says:

    great picture choices, i laughed!

  29. Hans Cunther says:

    I learned that breaking a bottle on the bar will get you the bartender’s attention really fast.

  30. www.livingwithballs.com says:

    Holding money up is usually the best way to get attention.

  31. Jerry says:

    You understand how it works!!! Let them know up front you are willing to tip big for good service. Works everytime.

  32. Yo Mamma says:

    Best way is to tip first using cash and tip very well, I am not talking about 1 or 2 dollars, if you just paid 20 bucks for drinks leave the guy a ten, then open a tab for the next round and the bartender will take care of you for the rest of the night, maybe even drop another bill or two down through out the night and that bartender is going to give you a bunch of free drinks.

  33. ahha says:

    Or roofie you and ass rape you on your way to your car at the end of the night. That’s worth the tip right there.