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How Many Asians Can Fit In A Train? All Of Them.

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I’ve had a lot of weird jobs in my life (fluffer, assistant fluffer, assistant to the assistant fluffer) but “Japanese Train Cramming Guy” has yet to make it onto my resume. I’m not sure what qualifications are required, but from the looks of this video you just need a low center of gravity, a complete lack of compassion and some classy white gloves. Which just leaves me with two questions: 1) Where do I get some white gloves? and 2) When can I start cramming?

5 Responses to "How Many Asians Can Fit In A Train? All Of Them."

  1. Pratik says:

    I want to see when the train arrives and all the doors open. People will fall out on top of each other gasping for air, and the crammer guys will be there with brooms and mops to clean up the mess after everyone has gotten up and stumbled away. And of course there’ll be a big hose to clean out the inside of the train because of all the vomit and bile that people spewed up from lack of oxygen.

  2. chaosman says:

    best video ever

  3. jake says:

    and you thought the 30 stockton was crowded???

  4. Jmarzo says:

    That’s a place where you can touch someone and get away with it. LOL.

  5. Buddy Ice says:

    Jmarzo, I like your thinking buddy.
    I thought about it when the crammer so politely pushes the loose articles of clothing into the train so they don’t get stuck in the door. That mother-f’er was grabbing crotch; that’s why he had on the white gloves. At the end of the day the crammer with the dirtest, stinkiest gloves wins money; ’cause that means he grabbed the most crotch. The crammer with the whitest cleanest gloves has to stuff all the dirty gloves in his mouth because he was a pussy.

    What a swell job.