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How To Poop In Japan

This video is very old, but it’s one of my all-time favorites.  I think if I was a little Japanese kid I’d probably be entertained by this video, but I’d be completely terrified of shitting, because the kid who’s pretending to shit at the end sounds like he’s squeezing out a rhinoceros.

13 Responses to "How To Poop In Japan"

  1. Butt Baster says:

    What disturbs me is the voice that they use for that kid is the same voice used for every single girl in anime porn.

  2. MrKillson says:

    Like I said about the sex dolls pic, Goddamn Japanese.

  3. iPooed says:

    Holy fuck, I’ve already busted like 87 nuts to this. Oh shit, I’m aroused again … *fap fap fap fap fap*

  4. Da Dude Mon says:

    O_o WTF dudes?!

  5. noname says:

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  7. the philosopher says:

    so do I, my peepee is so small that the wee-wee just dribbles down my legs, if I stand up

  8. Scary Movie 5 says:

    i sit when i pee, too

  9. asdasdasd says:


  10. Stick says:

    I just saw this today…..stop monitoring my computer Holy Taco. (At least, don’t go near the porn!)

  11. Ilovefood says:

    dear HT:
    I watched this vid like 4 years ago, common, wtf?