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How To: Ruin a Relationship in 3 Easy Steps

Y’know how sometimes you have an awesome, attractive girlfriend who genuinely likes you, is an excellent cook, laughs at all your racist jokes, and loves all of the same things that you do?  And you know how whenever you find yourself in that situation, you just think, "Man, this sucks! How do I get myself out of this predicament?"  Don’t worry, friend, because we’ve got the answer for you: you need to ruin your relationship, and we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it in three simple steps:
Step 1: Be Too Available
If you really want to ruin your relationship with your girlfriend, be available to her.  In fact, be too available.  Be so available that she knows where you are and what you’re doing at all times.  Make sure she knows what time you leave for work, what time you get off of work, and exactly how long it takes you to get home from work. Text her throughout the day to let her know where you are and what you’re doing.  Make sure she knows the birthdays of all of your friends and co-workers.  This way, when you start hanging out with other chicks after work, it’ll be easy for her to figure out that you’re cheating on her, and it’ll be really obvious that you’ve suddenly changed, and something’s up.  She’ll also be able to see it coming a mile away, too, when you start lying to her and making up excuses for why you suddenly have to break your routine and behave abnormally.  It’s always best to have her be suspicious for months ahead of time, before she actually confronts you about anything, so that she’ll be completely emotionally out of control.
Step 2: Use Facebook

Facebook is awesome.  Everyone can pretty much agree on that, but when you’re trying to stay in a relationship, it can be your worst enemy.  The problem doesn’t necessarily stem from the in a relationship/single status, although that can and will cause a whole mess of bullshit.  With facebook, your business is right out there for everyone to see, and especially for your girlfriend.  Female relatives, old classmates, and childhood friends will all become threats in the eyes of your girlfriend on facebook.  It’s almost a guarantee that she was well aware of your facebook activity before the two of you even started dating, so the idea that she doesn’t rummage through your page like Dexter at a murder scene is like saying Paris Hilton’s vagina doesn’t smell like the floormat of a truck stop bathroom.  You’ll get grief the moment any female comments or posts anything on your page, and forget about going out with your boys without her.  Somehow, that "pretty chill night" you guys spent at the bar will always turn out looking like you did blow off of a hooker’s rack in the facebook photos.  It’s much easier to not have a facebook at all, and just catch up with old friends in the real world, like an actual person, because the grief of having facebook and a girlfriend is really not worth it.  Plus, you can always just poke someone with your actual finger if you really want to.

Step 3: Constantly Compare Her To Your Ex-Girlfriend
In order to ruin a perfectly good relationship, you’ll need to provide your girlfriend with some unrealistic expectations to live up to.  This will foster jealousy and resentment, which are the at the foundation of any doomed relationship.  The easiest route to these unrealistic expectations is with simple, frequent comparisons to your ex-girlfriend.  Your current girlfriend is probably going to be better at some things than your ex was, but there are bound to be a lot of things that your ex could totally kick your new girlfriend’s ass at.  Don’t soften the blow at all.  If you’re going to ruin this relationship, it’s important that your girlfiend is fully aware of how much better your ex-girlfriend was at certain things, like Guitar Hero and blowjobs and stuff like that.  Don’t just casually mention it, either.  Really try to drive home the fact that, compared to the last person you f*cked on a regular basis, your current girlfriend is inadequate in many ways.
As you can see, it’s really not that hard to ruin a perfectly good relationship.  With a little time, focus, and some genuine lack of concern for the feelings and well-being of your girlfiend, even the most loyal and dedicated boyfriend can easily ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to him.  So go get ‘em, dude!

19 Responses to "How To: Ruin a Relationship in 3 Easy Steps"

  1. John says:

    Will this work on getting rid of my wife… my ex was totally better at BJs.

  2. yourmybitchnow says:

    probly not bra. she’d bite your little faggot dick off

  3. unknown girl says:

    too bad i wanna get rid of my boyfriend as soon as we started dating officially he became obsessed with me..i just dont want to end things and be the bad person.

  4. Topsy Kretts says:

    Oh my aren’t we all cool.
    Facebook is a pain indeed. However I doubt that it’s dedicated to entertain demented socially damaged people.
    I use facebook to communicate with people, due to the fact that my cell has been busted for quite a while.
    I agree though, facebook nerds are a pain, especially the chicks.

  5. DonQuixote says:

    Step/Rule 4: You don’t talk about fight club.

  6. Tyler Durden says:

    You idiot!

  7. someone31415 says:


  8. Chuck Norris' apprentice says:

    I could do it in 1

  9. I'll take old TV shows for 100 says:


  10. Poopy Pee Pants says:

    Old gf was def kick ass at guitar hero.

  11. s3xt0y says:

    guitar hero eats my cock.

    just wait until you get a chick who likes all those things ;) lol -death-

  12. iPooed says:

    like anyone who visits this site needs to worry about this.

  13. yourmybitchnow says:

    i beat my stupid dumb bitch every night with my cock. did i mention she is a cunt?

  14. pete says:

    uh retard you are posting a comment on a website think about that…oh and taco you 4got the number 1 thing to make a girl leave you…treat her well ALL the time…it is a proven fact that hot bitches will only stay w/ you if you treat them like shit from time to time…or most of the time…

  15. Badass says:

    Fucking amazing. One of the best articles ive seen on HT. If a woman didnt write it, id say you’re GAY MAN! GAY!!!

  16. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Yeah… I don’t agree that Facebook is awesome. Last GF kept sending me pieces of flair. Twitter is better- it lets me yell things at the internet without the possibility of accidentally becoming reaquainted with people from my high school math class.

  17. Retard says:

    Facebook..?Twitter..? All these sites are the same, they’re like religion…Targeted at mentally and socially damaged people.
    Turn of the pc, open the thing at the end of the hall called your “front door” step outside and rejoin the rest of humanity in the real world.
    If that sounds too radical, please do us all a favour and kill yourself you fag!

  18. Denitio del Toro says:

    Amen . . used to have a myspace acct(stll do due to the fact of I can’t cancel the thing) but you become ingulfed into lame stuff that 12 yr jr high school girls do . .

    Cancel all that crap . . it’s useless and retarded

  19. Blood says:

    yo da dudes r right,quit those damn life suckers…..its just useless bullshit…..better use the 3hrs u spend there on bullshit n go to a huge party get drunk as shit n fuck till ur cock falls off…….damn what do ppl turn into……peace out!