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How To Spot A Fake Yahoo Answers Question

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Sometimes Yahoo Answers questions are pretty funny. Other times, they are obviously fake. This is one of those times. A jpg of this question is going viral right now, but let’s break it down:
1. This jpg was taken by the person who submitted the question (notice the "Your Open Question" at the top.)
2. That means that the mother who wasn’t web savvy enough to type www.bangbros.com into Google, was somehow smart enough to hit print screen, open up Photoshop, crop this image, upload it to imageshack and then submit it to Digg.
3. I think that’s all we need to know. Case closed.
C’mon Internet, you’re smarter than this.

10 Responses to "How To Spot A Fake Yahoo Answers Question"

  1. Pierre says:

    when you say “real” you mean “has really been posted on yahoo questions”. I think HT means “real” as in “it wasn’t posted on yahoo questions as a prank”.

    or maybe i misunderstand.

  2. Paul says:

    You can always find them and make sure there real or not.. goto google, and type yahoo, *whatever the question is*.. make sure you add the comma so it search for both criteria. Sometimes a small brief of the question works as well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow Paul, way to miss the fucking point.

  4. Paul says:

    How? I was just pointed out another way to spot if there fake by seeing if there really there dick bagel.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Paul, you fucking moron, no one is questioning whether the actual posts EXISTS. The point is that the “question” is obviously a prank, pulled by someone who is pretending to be a concerned mother. Evidenced by the “your open question” tag at the top. God what a dipshit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    maybe the joke isn’t the question but that the people who answered it weren’t quick enough to realize it’s fake.

  7. Anonymouse says:

    Viral rules! It’s dirt cheap and works twice by having other sites commenting that it’s a viral, without blurring the name. “Bangbros.com” you say, guess I’ll have a look…

    Oh my goodness, you can see her birth canal!

  8. Oatmeal says:


    dont be jealous

  9. Guy says:

    “C’mon Internet, you’re smarter than this.”

    Also, No. It is not.

    That is all.