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How to Tell if You’re About to Get Hit in the Face with a Coke Bottle

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12 Responses to "How to Tell if You’re About to Get Hit in the Face with a Coke Bottle"

  1. Anonymous says:

    jet eye mind trick

  2. Miguel Jackson says:

    Someone had to get rid of that shit-eating grin!

  3. Booger Reater says:

    A missing scene from a Freak On A Leash

  4. dane says:

    ahhh I hope he really is getting belted in the face with a coke bottle and not just tossing it in the air.

  5. Scott Stapp says:

    What’s this life for?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Second. Or possibly third, depending on whether someone posts before I do.

  7. Kefkai says:

    Fix the creed reunion tour link, goes to the ass gallery.

    Fuck…. why did I even click the creed reunion tour link…

  8. Anonymous says:

    He’s not bad! you don’t need go further than check out ___Tallmingle.com___ , hot models there love him so much, and just wanna have a click with a man like him!!

  9. Anonymous Also says:

    Hey Spammin’ Motherfucker…How many times do we have to tell your non- English-Speaking ass to get the fuck off the site and to go fuck yourself?

  10. Stabber says:

    That guy looks so obliviously happy!!! This will not end well. LMAO!!

  11. todders says:

    Creed getting back together is a sign of the apocolypse… “When the chosen douche stands atop the throne of power chords, ears will boil with blood…”

    You haven’t seen anything until you see Macho Man Randy Savage smoke a bong of salvia… and FREAK THE FUCK OUT:


  12. Lawrence P says:

    Smile Bitch, weather you like it or not…Here I come