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How to Choose a Cosplay Costume

So you’ve decided to celebrate Comic Con, or maybe just Taco Tuesday, by joining the fast paced world of cosplayers, good for you!  Cosplay has much to offer, not the least of which are numerous women dressed as Power Girl, which is basically ladies showing 60% of their bare boobs.  Nice!  But before you also decide to show off your ample bosoms, stop to consider that there are nearly countless cosplay options out there, some better suited for you than others.  Come, let us help you be all the best pretend superhero you can be.


Match Your Phenotype

Many superheroes have a physique that is to realism what a Kardashian is to intelligence, which is to say completely unrelated.  So if you want to dress as Superman, as admirable a figure as he is, if you more closely resemble Dom Deluise (Google him) then maybe he’s not the best choice.  Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t go as Superman, maybe your costume could be “Superman recovering from an extensive bout of surgery”, or “Hypothyroid Superman.”  But if you want to really nail your costume, you’ll want t consider how your body type matches up to the body type of your costumed muse.



Gauge Your Personality

Simply looking like a hero isn’t the full package when it comes to cosplay.  If you’re built like a brick shithouse but are also a nun, then maybe you need to tweak your costume needs.  Amazing as it sounds, not every woman likes to dress up in vinyl and show off her boobs and the odd man out in the world is not a fan of wearing his underwear on the outside.  It’s crazy, but it takes all kinds.

An easy way to decide on a costume for your personality is to just match with a publisher that mostly fits your mind set.  This should help.


What is Your Goal?

Your final consideration in choosing a costume is why you’re even wearing a costume in the first place.  Your motivation is going to say a lot about what works best.

To Get Attention:

To Outnerd Everyone:

To Get Something for Free Which is Only Given to People in Costume:

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