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This Is How You Get A Beer In A Sushi Restaurant In Tokyo

Japan is awesome for so many reasons. They have the Japanese Louis Armstrong, someone there made an artificial hymen, their robots can do one-armed pushups and they let monkeys serve beer. But it looks like the monkey’s jobs may be in jeopardy because now the Japanese have taken the perfect pour and automated it.
Why does Japan always feel like the future? They’re like Max Headroom if he were a country.
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5 Responses to "This Is How You Get A Beer In A Sushi Restaurant In Tokyo"

  1. Rap Music says:

    A little head is proper … but not so much

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is at a conveyor belt sushi place. At real restaurants, they’ll still bring you a beer and a glass.
    It’s fun, but they have this obsession with head– as in having a lot of it in the top of the beer. The machine has a separate nozzle that squirts a beer foam in the very top of the glass after the beer is poured.


  3. mdogg says:

    Pretty cool, but that beer cost about 11 bucks US thanks to the weak dollar. That’s haggard cocktail waitress serving the beer in a strip club money, not kinda cool vending machine cash. Though I guess they’re equally alive on the inside.