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This Is A Huge Dead Snake

I  mean, seriously, can you believe how big this large dead snake is?
Thanks to Jenkins LeWhisker for sending this in.

13 Responses to "This Is A Huge Dead Snake"

  1. Sya says:

    Oh my my lokk what you’ve done now, i peed a little. damn you

  2. Otzuz says:

    JEZZZ I SHIT my self

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t express this more emphatically, FUCK YOU!

  4. cory says:
    I completely understand and don’t blame you at all for having that reaction. I had the exact same one.
  5. Anonymous says:

    can you believe how dead this huge snake is?

  6. Arko says:

    Huge and scary…..Visit http://www.uploaded.tv to become rich and famous.

  7. I think it can eat a person when its alive!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Funny thing is…I KNEW that was going to happen and still fell for it…

  9. Anonymous says:

    very old….

  10. MoJo says:

    It was so long that I started watching the video knowing it probably wasn’t dead and forgot I had that thought by the end, where I just about wet myself. Gee-willikers, thanks for that!

  11. sheriff says:

    haha. you bastard. i think i peed a little.

  12. TADA. says:

    very.. not dead…….

  13. Rap Music says:

    Shit! I hate those things