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I Can Haz Psycho?


13 Responses to "I Can Haz Psycho?"

  1. Dooshman says:

    Great Movie

  2. anonmouse says:

    Im Nailin your girlfriend with my 32inch quad-speed LOL.

    It was on ROFLrazzi :P

  3. king george says:

    Poor bastard still can’t get reservations at Dorsia. See how angry it makes him. Perhaps philosofuck knows how?

  4. papa santa says:

    which movie?

  5. Steve says:

    Your kidding. Really, which movie? It’s an old episode of This Old House, with Bob Villa, you jackass.

  6. Mudbutt says:


  7. Mr. Inappropriate says:

    Ah, snuff film. Hope he did her first. . .

  8. philosopher says:

    will he beat her up with a skeleton when he bones her?

  9. Philosopher Redux says:

    seriously, do you have a girlfriend? im thinking not…dude get off the comp and get yourself laid…your comments might actually be funny afterwards…for some reason i see you fapping into a sock after rereading the comments your write…

  10. leggetts 19th-century says:

    what a sad, sad, sad life you must lead.

  11. Exuse Me says:

    I need to return some video tapes.

  12. Bob the Builder says:

    Always loved the movie, and I hate to say it but the book is better. But the one thing about this scene and pic, the nail gun wouldn’t work. There’s no compressor or hose. And no, in the 80′s there were no cordless models like there are now.

  13. Thunderscrotum says:

    Yeah, gotta agree the book was better. Two words — starving rat.