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I Would Ride It

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8 Responses to "I Would Ride It"

  1. Wee Woods says:

    ROTFL, I think I would get out of its way fast!


  2. pratik says:

    Shouldn’t it be shorter?

  3. pratik says:

    cwutididthar, don’t steal MY avatar!


  4. Tara Luster says:

    I’ma fat bitch that will show pussy on cam if I see your cock.


  5. Bill Clinton says:

    kids riding that bus will be damaged for life

  6. cough/cool says:

    they would have to be damaged before they would ride it.

  7. MOUSE says:

    i want that on a t-shirt

  8. DonkeyXote says:

    I ride that shit like nobodies business!

    Wait, they were talking about the bus, Oh…