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Iced Tea and Star Wars? OK! It’s BriskSaber!

As you may have heard, Star Wars: Episode 1 is being re-released in theatres only this time it’ll be in 3D so Jar Jar Binks will be practically licking your face in every scene.  Don’t act like you’re not tempted.  To celebrate this and also give you something to suck your attention away from productive pursuits for hours on end, Brisk has teamed up with Star Wars to make the BriskSaber app – you can kill crap with a lighsaber on your phone!

How’s a BriskSaber app work?  You mostly turn your finger into a lightsaber and beat the snot out of Yoda or Darth Maul and other hooligans from a galaxy far, far away, as your mood dictates.  Choose the Light or the Dark side, play in either survival or Time Trial and, if you share scores on the game’s Facebook page, Darth Maul himself will give you some props if you’re a score leader.  And by himself we assume like a digital representation.  I don’t think he’s a real dude.

You can download the app here for iPhone or Android (because Star Wars has to represent on Android, it’d be wrong not to), rate it then stop work for a few hours while you play.  Your boss will be cool with that, right?

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