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If a Blizzard Comes, He Can Cut That Kid Open and Climb Inside for Warmth

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27 Responses to "If a Blizzard Comes, He Can Cut That Kid Open and Climb Inside for Warmth"

  1. WillyWanka says:

    Never noticed you tiny the “President’s” hands are till I saw this pic.

  2. john daly says:

    What a retard!

  3. why? says:

    damm we’re bored

  4. Run4YourLife says:

    Check out Jamima in the back yellin’ ‘Barack, you bess put down that kids toy and get back to work’

  5. Aanonymous says:

    Hey look, a monkey in front of the white house.

  6. Aanonymous says:

    hey look, a monkey in front of the white house.

  7. George Washington says:

    Not that it matters, but I’ve been to the White House; and thats the BACK yard!!!!!!!!

  8. ToddBridges says:

    That’s not a kid that’s Gary Coleman.

  9. pratik says:

    If he brings in X-Wings into the Air Force, I’m signing up at my nearest recruiter.

  10. BundysUndies says:

    since when to HT commenters defend fat kids?

  11. Topless roboteer says:

    His wife looks like shes bitching him out for playin with the kids light saber

  12. my name says:

    i don’t see the harm in it…thought it was kind of funny

  13. office jerk says:

    fair enough, but if that kid doesn’t have adult diabetes i’d be stunned by surprise.

  14. Master Of None says:

    that kid’s not even that fat, who writes these captions?

  15. Anonymousss says:

    The caption says “that kid” not “fat kid” Who reads these captions? Apparently not you dumb ass.

  16. Dumb shits says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Woah…cmon holytaco wtf were you thinking with this one? That was a pretty dick move.

  18. Jaded says:

    I most definitely thought the same thing. He seems very plastic-y, and he also has the killer Kung-Fu grip going for him.

  19. AlcoLOL says:

    Is it me or does obama look like an action figure?

  20. Dspayre says:


  21. Cat man due says:

    I has nothing to do with the kid being fat. Have any of you seen Empire Strikes Back?

  22. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    Yeah, that tauntaun had big bones.

  23. Runswithknives says:

    Dude that insult had a lot of long words and took me a while to read. This isn’t cool, smart people aren’t allowed to comment on Holy Taco. The stupid arguments are the best part about this place

  24. Exile = Nazi skinhead says:

    Take your cyanide capsules and get back in your Fuhrerbunker, fuckin xenophobic psychopath piece of shit.

  25. Exile says:

    Jedi Adolf Obama will destroy Capitalism and usher in a thousand year economic depression.

    The fat kid is probably his Yoda. A portly communist yoda. Like Michael Moore, but short.

  26. jacklez says:

    Wow. Stupid and mean.

  27. Ker Plunk says:

    Yeah well it should have been a purple lightsaber.