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If Autotrader Was Honest

Buying a car online is like ordering a phone book prostitute: you’ll never get what you paid for, and you’ll probably get screwed in the end.  It would be a lot easier to shop for cars online if sites like autotrader.com were honest.  Here’s what that would look like:

8 Responses to "If Autotrader Was Honest"

  1. The Souless Ginger says:

    I’m first! I’m first!! I’m first!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!

    I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I joined holytaco. yay!!

  2. grimm newsbearer says:

    nobody cares

  3. Cone says:

    …so you’re the reason people make fun of gingers.

  4. T-Rob says:

    It’s not AutoTrader you should be mad at, it’s the shady dealers that post the ads!

  5. b says:

    you don’t actually buy the car from autotrader.com, nor do they get any $$$$ from the dealership if the car is sold… you might want to rethink your statement…

  6. TD says:

    Great Idea…..we’ll have
    http://www.O‘Bamma Motors/UAW (GM cars)
    http://www.O‘Bamma Motors/UAW/POS (Chrysler)
    http://www.Recall Motors (Toyota)

  7. Jeff says:

    Good point dBag – but T-Rob & B are correct. If I were part of AutoTrader, I’d hate to be accused of being dishonest.

    Something new on the horizon is dealing with buying new cars online. Unlike the Crappy Maroon POS above, new cars are backed by manufacturer warranties and have now become virtual commodities.

    This is a new site giving it a go: http://www.autobidsonline.com

  8. dbag mcgee says:

    stop being babies and enjoy the fact that someone brought you something funny, damn whiny americans…