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If Celebrities Looked Like Their Names

Sometimes celebrities have stupid names, and since there’s nothing else going on in the world (that we can make fun of), we decided to target them and see what it would be like if celebrities with stupid names actually looked like the ridiculous names they’re stuck with.


30 Responses to "If Celebrities Looked Like Their Names"

  1. SirJohn says:

    Lame, stupid and not very funny.

  2. Luigi says:

    It sucked because you didn’t even bother showing the celebrity names on them. i don’t even know their names (except megan fox, that one was obvious)

  3. N64er says:

    larry bird looks like he could be from NBA hangtime.

  4. aydub says:

    Just wondering how many of you boys that comment on these HT pics are married or in lasting relationships? My guess is not too many. Just sayin’.

  5. Anonymous2 says:

    i’m just surprised by the lack of photos- only 10?

    How about a challenge of Amy Winehouse.
    Tom Cruise
    Alicia Silverstone
    Jimmy Cliff
    Jimmy Page.

    And that was a horrible list I came up with in 5 seconds.

  6. soumynonA says:

    Megan fox is still way bangable?!?

  7. the shizzle says:

    Epic CUNT!!

  8. goon says:

    Hey aydub why don’t go make use your time on the internet, and learn how not to be such a twat.

  9. Alice says:

    This is.. stupid.

  10. McFuzzlesTehPwner says:

    Huh. Taco, This is a good idea, but up the amount and the quality.
    Come on… I REAAALLLLYYY wanted to see Dane cook in flames…..

  11. Bulldawgs MoFo says:

    I was pretty sure you guys were fags, but after you covered up megan fox’s ass you left no doubts…. fags

  12. Steve says:

    These posts usually have 25 pics, but this one only has 10. There’s so much more that could’ve been done. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Robert Deniro, Joe Pesci, Nic Cage, Ed Norton, Robert Downey jr, Mike Myers, Van Damme, Stephen King, Orlando Bloom, Alicia Silverstone, Reese Witherspoon, and my personal favorite, Dane Cook. Just imagine him in flames.

  13. dildozer says:

    fucking lame

  14. Stick says:


  15. Joe says:

    Pretty gay

  16. Chris says:

    I can’t believe someone took the time to do this. On the plus side at least it looks like they didn’t spend more than 5 minutes doing it.

  17. justin says:
    12 minutes.
  18. Baller As Hell says:

    yea still gay. kevin bacon one made me chuckle though

  19. I got ya back HT says:

    Screw these commenters they’re all just upset cause their uncles haven’t given them their daily dose of anal molestation. I liked this list, and if I was alfred hitchcock I’d be towin a jetski with me everywhere like Kenny Powers. YOUR FUCKIN OUT!

  20. petarobotosays says:

    and 2 of those 12 minutes was prob you fappin 2 meagen foxs’ photo

  21. Wat says:

    One question…….. What man wouldn’t fap it to Meagan Fox’s pictures? Well…Unless that man is gay of coarse.

  22. The Souless Ginger says:

    Alfred Hitchcock was nicely done.

    The rest…not so much.

  23. Your Mom's Ass says:

    You can keep the hitchcock, Ill do the fox.

  24. Shart says:

    Yeah, Hitchcock was the only one good. Hitch Cock, EPIC!

  25. pratik says:

    Should’ve been Will Smith on the cock from the “Hitch” movie.

  26. Dead_Frankz says:

    i fapped to the photoshopped one…

  27. anyone says:


  28. ZigZagFag says:

    You all can suck my left pussy lip!!!

  29. Billy says:

    zig, I’d be happy to suck on both of your pussy lips and suck on your titties

  30. loves2spooge says:

    i believe the technical term for that is labia…