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If Celebrities Were The Animals They Look Like

If you’re in the mood for some retarded photoshops this morning, then you’ve come to the right place.  Some celebrities look a lot like animals, so we decided to see what it would look like if they actually were the animals they so closely resemble:
Wilford Brimley as a Walrus
Rosie O’Donnell as a Woodchuck
Carrot Top as a Bobcat

Seal as a Seal
Sarah Jessica Parker as a Horse
Dog The Bounty Hunter as a Lion
Michael Clark Duncan as a Silverback Gorilla
Snoop Dogg as a Doberman
Wallace Shawn as a Tortoise
Victoria Beckham as Falcor
Renee Zelwegger as a Shar Pei Melting in a House Fire

68 Responses to "If Celebrities Were The Animals They Look Like"

  1. steve says:

    if that walrus and woodchuck mated it would make a shiny new johnny!

  2. Reply says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker as a Horse lol family guy

  3. ' says:

    hahah falcor was definitely the best!

  4. the hobo of the Joe says:

    Wilford brimley is not a walrus, he’s a cat.


  5. Burnsy says:

    LOL, it’s funny because nobody ever made that joke before Family Guy, LOL!

  6. lee says:

    Rosie as a Woodchuck? Nah, I picture her in a pig sty, rutting around in the muck.

  7. Bruce Lee says:

    youre right….Wilford Brimley DOES look more like cats

  8. Lilla k says:

    LOL I can ttly c dog as a lion LOL I cant even tell where lion begins

  9. office jerk says:

    i don’t get the sarah jessica parker photo….

  10. khanyuh says:

    that michael clark duncan one is racist

  11. trasccccyyy says:

    ooooohhh yyeeaaaa ah! yea! ths niccee hhhmmm mmmmm ah! i feel wonderful

  12. steph says:

    So it’s OK to portray G.W. Bush as a monkey because he’s white, but not a black man? Who cares about the color of the skin – if a person looks like a particular animal, than so be it.

  13. iceswallow2 says:

    how dare u insult the equine community……shes beyond horsey

  14. debbie says:

    1. I cant believe no one said some of these were ‘racist’ (they sure look that way to me)
    2.Rosie O’donnell never looked so good, but what an insult to wood chucks every where. rotflmao!

  15. :D says:


  16. ooohh in ur mouth says:

    you guys are trippin people say these things for no reason its just for fun sooo… yea calm yo asses down geez

  17. Falcor Luv3r says:

    How can they look racist? You people, oooo i said it, need to quit listening to Obama. It’s racist, if YOU make it racist. So quit being such a racist, Debbie.

    Although, that one with Falcor is pretty racist against mythical animals. When will we have a unicorn for president!?

  18. ooohh in ur mouth says:

    haha yea im wit falcor lvr ooo if joe jonas was on there wat do u think he would be ???????? hmmmm… i wonder i LOVE the jonas brothers so if u mess wit dem ima mess you up homies u got dat wat awt u wanna say some thin huh son huh yea thats wat i thought

  19. ooohh in ur mouth says:

    heeeyyy falcor dont be dissin obama man thats not cool dude

  20. chris says:

    And there it is folks! The obligatory race card rears its ugly head because a black man is portrayed as an ape. It’s not racist you dolt! It’s a parody about humans compared to animals. That’s ALL it is!

  21. mizz poyo says:

    lol snoop’s was the most hilarious. renee was scary O.o!!

  22. Greg says:

    Racist …my ass!

  23. ej says:

    You have the tools to go far in life.

  24. Ele says:

    Wilford Brimley? Ok, well my inner geek is telling me that Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters looks more like a walrus than Wilford does.

    And please people, stop bringing the race card! It would be one thing if they were mocking people and adding racial epithets like “all white people…all black people…” but they aren’t.

    Just saying!

  25. george says:

    michael clark duncan pic is not racist..anyone see him play the main ape in PLANET of the APES? Thats right, it was him!

  26. forcopeland says:


  27. Tim Roth says:

    hey wait a bloody minute i was the head ape in planet of the apes, and im a white bloak. lol

  28. poop says:

    lol dis is freakin funny hoo wud tink of dis

  29. You People Amuse Me says:

    The comments ALONE make this crappy photoshop stuff entertain me. I see lots of Dia-beetis, falkor (sp?), and sarah jessica. Plenty of the racist who-hah. Some Rosie. Why are we leaving out Seal, Carrot Top, and Shawn Wallace? They need loving too.

  30. JMC says:

    Wilford Brimley I suppose could become a Walrus since he already is John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and can immitate any lifeform he wants to. ;)

  31. 789 says:

    duncan doesn’t look like a gorilla, you have to have thin lips. Whut’s this thing about blacks looking like apes anyway? This just shows ignorance. There are white monkeys with thin lips…but black people don’t go around with such low self-esteem, self-worth to have to try to put white people down to a lower place.

  32. 789 says:

    Chris, I’m guessing you’re not black and haven’t suffered a history of being compared to an ape or a dolt (??) LOL

  33. meyouandher/him/it says:

    lol raceism

  34. shesahorse says:

    not true, i’ve been saying she looks like a horse for years.

  35. the_beetus_boy says:

    ohh what can i say about sarah jessica parker… i wish the bitch would break her leg and then they would have to put her down like the horse face she is

  36. phillyguy says:

    dude, that was freaking hysterical, lol

  37. KModZ says:

    I think 90% of people who think it’s racist are self-hating white people who want people to think they’re so socially caring. I think the least racist people are people who don’t need to tell people they’re not racist.

  38. The Aid says:

    lol… wilford brimley has diabetes…

  39. Wilford says:

    Check your blood sugar. Check it often. Eat the Quaker Oats.

  40. Cassak says:


  41. mud says:

    eat your effing oatmeal!

  42. Your Mom says:

    leave the dia-beetus out of this!

  43. Wilford Brimley's Pancreas says:

    Fuck all y’all, I’m outta here.

  44. chaos says:

    epic win

  45. FIRST! says:

    Hmmmmm. Definitely retarded

  46. Cough says:

    Gay as all the people that comment below me

  47. Chuck Norris says:

    You calling me gay, son? I could choke you with a cordless phone.

  48. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    that is a good one. I’m not being sarcastic, that really is a good one

  49. Bruce Lee says:

    Get some, Chuck Norris!

  50. Woodstock Sprite says:

    Under Chuck Norris’s beard he has no chin… he has another fist!!

  51. Agent Paul Smecker says:

    Cuddle? What a fag.

  52. Micker says:


  53. daym says:

    Victoria Beckham as Falcor! YES!

  54. MrKillson says:

    And I always thought she was hot till now.

  55. FALKORRRRRR says:

    I never thought she was hot… until this. Now she’s smoking.

  56. EGON says:

    rosie odonell as a woodchuck…. so true. they all look like perfect matches too.

  57. Howard says:

    Rosie is fat, ugly, loud and stupid. What an insult to the fine woodchucks.

  58. Wilford Brimley's brother says:

    Tono tono tono tono tono tono diabeeeetus tono tono tono tono.

  59. Roastbeefcurtains says:

    AAAATTTRRRREEEEEYYYYUUUUU, seriously Falcor WTF? that is’nt even a real animal

  60. Nanananananeenoonana says:

    Says you.

  61. tbigmole says:

    roastedbeefcurtains!!!!!!!!!!!! what an f’n outrageous name. i’m love n it like i do beef curtains (small one’s though).

  62. ?!?!?! says:

    Falcor is from The Never Ending Story!!! He is like a Dragon Dog mythotical thing!

  63. jack says:

    you missed on the last one, Renee Zelwegger is a well known anteater.

  64. Tyler Durden says:

    Family guy, ftw.

  65. keeno says:

    these aren’t bad, but there are generally funnier and better made ones on b3ta.com

    it’s less celeb, and more “take the piss out of the celebs” on that site though…

    pure gold!

  66. Beverly says:

    Victoria Beckham as Falcore??!! That’s freakin hilarious!!!