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If Gary Busey Were In Every Picture Ever Photoshop Contest

Here at Holy Taco, we’re big Gary Busey fans, and we’re excited about the internet trend where people put Busey’s head into other images.  There was a Something Awful thread about this a few months back, but nobody’s contributed any really good Busey pics to the internet recently, so we thought we’d give it a go.  We realize that you’re way better at Photoshop than we are, so we’re inviting you to get in on the action. 
Photoshop your own Busey pic and send it to feedback@holytaco.com.  If we like it, we’ll add it to this collection and send you a free Holy Taco t-shirt/cumrag as a token of thanks.  Just be sure to include your name, mailing address, and t-shirt size with your submission.

submitted by Roger T.
Submitted by Jimmy K.
Submitted by Kris H.
Submitted by Charlie B.
Submitted by Tup W.
Submitted by Nati B.
Submitted by Jacob K.
Submitted by Andrew L.
Submitted by Janine S.
Submitted by Rory H.
Submitted by Mike B.
Submitted by Kris H.
 Submitted by Justin R.

20 Responses to "If Gary Busey Were In Every Picture Ever Photoshop Contest"

  1. talkingraven says:


  2. history class son. says:

    Its vietnam dummies.

  3. What is this i dont even says:

    There is no holocaust one

  4. i.p. freeley says:


  5. rats off to ya! says:

    Idea Stolen from the SomethingAwful.com forums

  6. thebadnun says:

    lol if i knew how to do it i’d put braces on him and make him up like the girl from”ugly betty”.god knows he has the teeth for it!

  7. your a dumb ass says:

    your dumb if you read the paragraph an the front it said they got the idea from something awful

  8. YoMama says:

    The holocost one is the best.

  9. Gary Busey's Doppelganger says:


  10. philosoraptor says:

    im an punk ass

  11. Fringe says:

    looks like philosopher


  12. philosoraptor says:

    YOU look like philosopher.

  13. Don't taze me bro... says:

    LOL EPIC FAIL BUSEY PICS FTW. I love HT when they throw “Politiclly Correct” out the window.

  14. comedyicondotcom says:

    Will there be a Nick Nolte photoshop contest? (let me know so I can save these)

  15. MooPig Wisdom says:

    Just how many Gary Busey’s are there in the world?

  16. El Moose says:


  17. Mr. Squishypants says:

    HOW did I know the Vietnamese execution one would be on there …

  18. Beast says:

    Funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time on here, Keep up the good work!

  19. Gomez says:

    hahahahahahah wth!!! crap funny

  20. AfterDone says:

    Funny as crap. Laughed my butt off